An Ontario Benchers’ Candidates’ Word Cloud

The candidates for the forthcoming elections have all – save one – drafted statements or manifestos to garner support.

What these documents frame is what’s on the minds of the candidates as they try and anticipate the issues that most concern the lawyer members of the legal profession who will shortly be voting.

The picture speaks volumes. The size of the text reflects how frequently the concept occurs in all of the candidate statements.



  1. Hmmm….

    A little disconcerting that the phrase “public interest” doesn’t jump out considering that protecting same is among the core functions of the Law Society.

  2. My mistake – it had a count of 30. Didn’t check it in the initial survey.

    Which is lower than libraries – the same as competence – and slightly better than pro bono.

    And I am delighted to report that Candidate Colin used the phrase once. As did twenty other candidates.

    But still a small fraction of those focusing on Access to Justice