An Ounce of Prevention on Law Day

Prevention is better than cure, health professionals like to remind us. But what’s true for your physical well-being is arguably just as true for your emotional and financial health. That’s why it’s so important for people to recognize potential legal problems before they spin out of control and take over their lives.

As part of the events surrounding Law Day, which commemorates the signing of the Canadian Charter 33 years ago, the CBA has released six new legal health checks, in addition to an earlier six cards released last year. The goal is to get people to give greater consideration to common legal problems – such as those arising from family breakups, for example – and help prevent them before they arise, but also to help build resilience to future or recurring legal problems.

The cards also include legal health checks for small businesses thinking of hiring employees and a series of questions for people to ask themselves before preparing a will.

The initiative grew out of the CBA’s report Reaching Equal Justice , released in 2013. As the report remarked, preventing legal disputes has traditionally been part of a lawyer’s job – an aspect being undermined today by the growing access to justice crisis in this country.



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