Public Review of LegalDocML’s Akoma Ntoso v1.0

OASIS* is a “nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society.” Under the OASIS umbrella is the LegalXML Member Section a group of “lawyers, developers, application vendors, government agencies and members of academia” working on the creation of “standards for the electronic exchange of legal data.”

The OASIS LegalDocumentML (LegalDocML) Technical Committee recently announced a month long review period to gather feedback for a number of standards they have development.

The OASIS LegalDocML TC works to advance worldwide best practices for the use of XML within a Parliaments’, Assembly’s or Congress’ document management processes, within courts’ and tribunals’ judgment management systems, and generally in legal documents including contracts. The work is based on the Akoma Ntoso-UN project. The LegalDocML TC’s goal is to collect requirements from the community of the stakeholders who create, manage and use legislative and legal documents (editors, libraries, public institutions, tribunals, publishers, etc.) in order to extend and refine the standard. … The standard aims to provide a format for long-term storage of and access to parliamentary, legislative and judicial documents that allows search, interpretation and visualization of documents.”

In a message to the Legal Informatics Research Network, Monica Palmirani, Co-Chair of the Technical Committee, lists the following Committee Specification Drafts (CSDs) that are available for this review:

  1. Akoma Ntoso Version 1.0 Part 1: XML Vocabulary
    XML Vocabulary presents the main motivations, design principles, and benefits of the Akoma Ntoso vocabulary and approach. The document is non-normative material that presents the main pillars of Akoma Ntoso to the stakeholders that need to take decisions about how to manage legal sources in a digital manner in a Semantic Web society.”
  2. Akoma Ntoso Version 1.0 Part 2: Specifications
    Specifications documents the Akoma Ntoso XSD and DTD standard, including the graphic representation using Oxygen library.”
  3. Akoma Ntoso Naming Convention Version 1.0
    “… provides the naming convention for defining IRIs and ids related to the Akoma Ntoso XML standard.”
  4. Akoma Ntoso Media Type Version 1.0
    “… contains the relevant information for the registration of the Akoma Ntoso media type (akn+xml) with IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).”

The specifications draw on the Akoma Ntoso project and the Technical Committee developed the Akoma Ntoso XML schema 3.0 along with the main documentation. The Akoma Ntoso XML standarddefines a ‘machine readable’ set of simple technology-neutral electronic representations (in XML format) of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents.”

To submit comments subscribe to the comment list and then send your comments to See the ‘Providing Feedback’ page for instructions and more information on the commenting process.


* i.e. the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards.

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