Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice.


Watch for New Tools
Shaunna Mireau

Today’s Tip was inspired by a news release that crossed my email: Canadian startup launches law search engine: Legal technology puts 5 million pages of laws from around the world. (September 24, 2015, Toronto) – Canadian startup, Global-Regulation Inc. …


We Really Need to Hear From You…
David Bilinsky

This week, Garry Wise and I chatted about the possible topics that we could cover in this column over the next while. Without being exhaustive, I pulled together the following list from our discussions. Now it is up to you.


Banish Your Biggest Daily Interruption: The New Email Pop-Up*
Dan Pinnington

Most people get a beep and a new message pop-up box every single time a new e-mail message arrives in their inbox. Stop the insanity! You know its true: This is the biggest source of interruptions in your day. …

*Editor’s pick

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