Spare 5 Minutes for Slaw?

Dear Slaw reader,

As you may have noticed from the banner at the top of our homepage, we’ve just launched our first-ever reader survey (hard to believe Slaw has been up and running for over 10 years now, and we’ve never formally sought reader feedback)!

We’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the survey. It won’t take long (promise!) as it’s mostly multiple-choice questions (the easy kind to answer, though we’d be grateful if you’d share your answers to a couple open-ended questions, too).

Slaw’s readership has multiplied over the years, with close to 700K unique visitors and 8 million page impressions over the course of 2015. Like many of you, we’re currently in planning mode and looking at ways to make Slaw even better. Whether that means expanded content coverage, more complementary legal information tracking, services, or encouraging more regular feedback — it’s all on the table.

You’ll also notice a number of basic demographic questions in the survey. This information has unfortunately never been collected; and as you can imagine, it’s difficult to serve any group of individuals without knowing who they are, what their interests are, or what information they value most.

We will, of course, try to be transparent with our results. Once we’ve had a chance to aggregate the answers and spot a few trends, I’ll be sure to publish a detailed roundup.

Many thanks in advance for participating!


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