Some Recent Posts and Articles on Lawyers and Technology

There have been a number of things written lately about lawyers and technology indicating that this conversation has begun to emerge.

Here are a few selections that have crossed my screen over the last couple of months:

  • Bennion, Jeff. 2016. ‘Debunking 3 Legal Technology Myths’. Above the Law. Accessed March 31.
    • “Lately, I’ve talked to a lot of people who have some misconceptions about what it means to be a tech-friendly law office.”
  • Casanovas, Pompeu, Monica Palmirani, Silvio Peroni, Tom van Engers, and Fabio Vitali. 2016. ‘Semantic Web for the Legal Domain: The next Step’. Edited by Pompeu Casanovas, Monica Palmirani, Silvio Peroni, Tom van Engers, and Fabio Vitali. Semantic Web 7 (3): 213–27.
    • This is the introductory article for a special issue of the journal Semantic Web.
    • “… Semantic Web tools are not only being designed for information retrieval, classification, clustering, and knowledge management. They can also be understood as regulatory tools, i.e. as components of the contemporary legal architecture, to be used by multiple stakeholders – front-line practitioners, policymakers, legal drafters, companies, market agents, and citizens.”
  • Flaherty, D. Casey. 2016. ‘The End of Lawyers, Period.’ ABA Journal. Accessed March 7.
    • “The law does not exist for the purpose of keeping lawyers employed. I cribbed that line—and many others—from Richard Susskind back in the days when there was still a question mark punctuating The End of Lawyers?”
  • Garfield, Leanna, Tech Insider, 2016 Feb. 18. ‘A 19-Year-Old Made a Free Robot Lawyer That Has Appealed $3 Million in Parking Tickets’. Business Insider. Accessed February 19.
    • “Hiring a lawyer for a parking-ticket appeal is not only a headache, but it can also cost more than the ticket itself.”
  • Gonsowski, Dean. 2016. ‘Hype vs. Consumption: A Discussion from Legaltech New York’. Legaltech News. Accessed February 19.
    • “New technologies beg the question: Who’s really consuming the technology, or is Legaltech not really about purchase and consumption at all?” [Requires free registration to access]
  • Greene, Tim. 2016. ‘9 Technologies That Could Cut Demand for Lawyers, Lower Legal Fees’. Network World. February 8.
    • “Lawyers are embracing technology that makes them more efficient and less trapped in 100-hour work weeks but that also reduces the need for them in certain types of cases or turns their counsel into a commodity.”
  • Keane, Jonathan. 2016. ‘Can Technology Bring Lawyers into the 21st Century?’ Business. BBC News. February 16.
    • “The legal profession is perhaps more associated with bulging files of papers, odd clothing and arcane procedures than with technological innovation.”
  • Niemeier, Cheryl. 2016. ‘AI: Artificial Intelligence v. Attorney Intelligence’. Bose Law and Technology Blog. February 11.
    • “… there are certainly legal tasks that computers do well such as document review and cite-checking. Likewise, there are legal tasks attorneys are uniquely equipped to do well: legal research, thinking and addressing complex issues, advising clients, and yes document review.”
  • Ninh, Andy. 2016. ‘Why Lawyers Should Use Slack and Eliminate Email’. Accessed March 14.
    • “Email is the bane of my existence.”
  • Popper, Nathaniel. 2016. ‘The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street’. The New York Times, February 25.
    • “Hundreds of financial analysts are being replaced with software. What office jobs are next?”
  • Remus, Dana, and Frank S. Levy. 2015. ‘Can Robots Be Lawyers? Computers, Lawyers, and the Practice of Law’. SSRN Scholarly Paper ID 2701092. Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network.
    • “We assess frequently-advanced arguments that automation will soon replace much of the work currently performed by lawyers.”
  • Silverthorn, Michelle. 2016. ‘Legal Technology and Millennial Lawyers’. 2Civility. January 14.
    • “Are robots still coming for lawyers? Despite the doomsdayers, the nay-sayers, and the harbingers, it appears that the imminent revolution is not so, well, imminent.”


  1. Cheryl Niemeier

    Thank-you for mentioning and linking to my blog post. I think we will be seeing a lot more talk and articles on this topic in the months and years ahead.

    ~ Cheryl