LégisQuébec Official Legislative Website Now Free

LégisQuébec, the website that contains official versions of Quebec laws and regulations, this week went totally free.

The site which offers access to current and former versions of Québec statutes and regulations used to require a subscription for many of its more advanced features.

The revised site has documents in HTML, PDF or EPUB formats.

The material includes the consolidated statutes and regulations for Quebec, historic versions of legislation and regulations, the Table of Amendments to Statutes and the Table of Amendments to Regulations. Information on what period is covered by the historical versions is available in the FAQ (Question #10).

LégisQuébec is produced by l’Éditeur officiel du Québec, the official publisher of the provincial government.


  1. A very welcome development, but sadly not “totally free” as the FAQ leads one to a clear message that reproduction is not authorized without a license. And unless things have changed recently, la Belle Province charges a hefty reproduction royalty fee for its statutes.