AI First Is Taking Over From Mobile First

Google debuted new hardware on Tuesday – including new Pixel phones, and an Amazon Echo competitor called Google Home. A key thread to all this is their new Google Assistant replacement for Google Now. (Similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.)

But the most noteworthy part is their comment that we are switching from Mobile First to AI first. Over the past few years websites and online services have increasingly needed to be mobile friendly, so people can do what they want from whatever screen happens to be in front of them. Advances in artificial intelligence are going to put AI at the forefront.

Advances in voice recognition, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are leading to more accurate responses to voice commands. This makes it quicker and easier to find what we need without having to type a search command. The response can be presented to us either by an audio response, to the screen we are using, or both.

And the more intelligent the tech becomes, the more context it understands. It knows what you are looking at on your screen, and it knows you. Indeed, Google says their goal is to build a personal Google for everyone.

Perhaps HAL or Westworld isn’t as far off as we think.



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