SlawTips and Practice Management

It goes without saying that law school does not teach us how to run an office. For that, I have had to learn on the job, one step at a time. When I founded this firm 2 1/2 years ago, I blocked off Friday afternoons for managing the business end. Of course, the busier I got on the legal side, the more time I needed to spend on business tasks. Thankfully, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and there are many easy solutions out there for sole practitioners – once you find them. For office management and workflow, we have twice used the services of the Practice Management Advisor for the Law Society. I also just learned that he is a contributor for SlawTips.

I would highly recommend using the services of the Practice Management Advisor. As a Mac user, I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that our Manitoba Advisor is an avid fan of Macs and he had many useful tips on how to work efficiently and effectively with Apple products. I will say that I was very frustrated with the lack of good account management software for Macs. PCLaw is only currently only available for PCs so if you want to run it on a Mac using Bootcamp and installing Windows on the Mac. This is the link provided to us by PCLaw. We tried to use CLIO as an alternative for about 4 months but, in the end, it does not comply with the rules of the Law Society of Manitoba (yet). Our solution was to buy a PC (yes, I caved) that we use exclusively for PCLaw.

I’m going to stop here. We deal with the growing pains of building an office/business on a daily basis and it is comforting to know that the Practice Management Advisor and other resources are out there to help and give us tips & guidance.


  1. I could not find any information on the law society’s website regarding practice management software. Did they provide a specific handout or other information regarding the issues they take with Clio and why it doesn’t comply? I was speaking with a lawyer who has used Clio (until the lawyer switched firms) and went through law society audits without (apparently) any issues.