Resources on US Supreme Court Nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh

Earlier this week, American President Trump nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh from the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to take the place of Justice Anthony Kennedy who will be retiring as of the end of this month.

Who is Kavanaugh?

There are plenty of resources to figure that out.

The Library of Congress in Washington has published a page with resources about the nominee. The page includes links to articles and books by and about the nominee, to cases decided by him, to Congressional materials about his earlier nominations to federal judicial posts, and to web resources.

The SCOTUS Watch website has gathered public statements made by United States senators about how they plan to vote on the Supreme Court nominee.

Georgetown University Law Library has a Supreme Court Nominations Research Guide with a page on Kavanaugh.

And Library Journal’s infoDOCKET section has links to New and Updated Reports Re: Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh from the Congressional Research Service.



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