Architects of Justice: New Podcast Season Exploring Access to Justice in Ontario Launches This September

Last year, The Action Group on Access to Justice, also known as TAG, launched Ontario’s first access to justice podcast, Architects of Justice. Supported by the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Foundation of Ontario, this podcast brings together multiple perspectives and aims to spotlight different conversations about how we can make a more effective justice system.

Architects of Justice quickly earned audience interest and received positive feedback for its informative approach, thought-provoking themes and discussion about real opportunities and issues for justice in Ontario. Encouraged by this outcome, TAG produced a second season which will be launched on September 4, 2018.

Made up of four 15-minute episodes, this season will introduce the listener to different aspects of the access to justice issue. Each show connects diverse problem solvers from across the province to examine different elements of the access to justice crisis. Architects of Justice episodes are accredited with Professionalism Hours.

The season launches with an examination of recent cases that have sparked new dialogue about sexual violence. High profile cases, mandatory training for judges in sexual assault law and the role of social media in accelerating conversations all point to a significant shift towards survivor informed paths to justice. But what does that mean?

Current discussions have focused on sexual violence at home, at work, on public transit and everywhere in between indicating that this issue is a concern for the majority of the population. Even if it’s not happening to you, there’s a high likelihood that it’s happening or has happened to someone you know. Movements like #MeToo have highlighted the ubiquity of the issue and are shaping a more nuanced understanding of sexual violence. In this episode, we speak with advocates Farrah Khan, Deepa Mattoo and Lucrezia Spagnolo about this critical moment and what needs to come next to ensure inclusive access to justice outcomes.

This season also explores how millennials are influencing the justice sector, mental health in the legal profession and paralegals as access to justice champions.

Listen to Architects of Justice and if you like the show, please leave a review on iTunes. We welcome ideas for future episodes at

Chloë Hill
Bilingual Public Affairs Advisor
Law Society of Ontario

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