That Is Post Number 50 Not Hashtag 50

Over the last number of years I have been sharing my thoughts on marketing, communication and business development for lawyers and law firms on SLAW. During that time everything from Pippa Middleton and Justin Bieber, to client experience, intranets, personal branding, proposals, client meetings and social media has been written about. I have made a point to share my thoughts on how we can be better as client managers and at using the resources we have available to us.

Our industry continues to evolve as do the expectations of our clients. Our clients want more and to simple stay competitive, we need to fulfill those needs. Firms that are exceeding are embracing change by actively listening to advice from professionals in many industries not just our own. Lawyers that only look at what other lawyers do may be left behind. We should not continue to do things just because other firms are or because we always have done it. We need to question before acting. The decision may be to continue with the tried and true but have the discussion and make sure it is right for you and for the firm.

When I started writing for SLAW I did not know where this would go. I have been lucky enough to contribute while also recruiting others to share their thoughts and opinions. With this being post #50, I am truly thankful to Simon Fodden for asking me to write for SLAW and to Steve Matthews for carrying on this great publication that provides a voice so we can be better at what we do.

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