Content Marketing

Content marketing is pretty simple, it involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote you or your brand but is intended to stimulate interest. It is a proven strategy for finding new leads and for being thought of as an authority on the topic. For lawyers, especially those early in their career, it has become almost a rite of passage.

I was recently asked to review a book authored by a number of lawyers across Canada. The material was excellent but it became quickly obvious that although everyone knew the material generated was for a book, no one considered how to pull it all together. The book lacked readable flow and there was repetition through the chapters. Unfortunately, it felt like the authors may have been better off sharing their writings individually rather than in a consolidated form.

We have all started to read books and not finished them. Typically I will read the first 100 pages or so before tossing a book aside if it fails to catch my interest. In this case, it appeared that the authors chose quantity over quality. They wanted to ensure everyone had an article so they assigned tasks accordingly. This ensured that there was enough content to make printing a book worthwhile, however, failing on the quality and an understanding of how the audience will consume the content means reading this book will be a challenge.

If legal content marketing is something you are interested in than you want to keep a few things top of mind:

  • Write for your audience
  • Do not over sell yourself
  • Give the reader something to think about
  • Unless the audience is other lawyers, think short story rather than dissertation

And if you are putting together a book, consider hiring an editor to smooth transitions and make the book easier for the audience to follow.

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