Setting Intentions

As 2018 ended and 2019 began many of us made New Year resolutions. Resolutions are typically about making a change to an undesired behavior or to accomplish a personal goal. The goal is not always directly to improve ourselves (eat better, go to the gym more, spend less) but could be about how we treat others or how we do business. One year I made a resolution to stop drinking craft beer because the big brewers were having a hard time. That one didn’t last very longJ.

By the time you read this, many New Year resolutions will have failed. Our original motivation wanes as we get busy and slide back into what we are used to doing. Resolutions are about fixing something or achieving something which is what makes resolutions so hard and so hard to keep.

So what if we change the narrative from fixing something to creating something? It is a new year after all. Maybe you will be more active with your business development by taking a client or prospect to lunch every couple of weeks; maybe you want to start a vlog; or maybe it is time to define your niche area and start building upon it. Rather than resolving to change, you are building and creating something new. It is still hard, but you will have a better chance of success as you are working towards achievable goals.

Mentorship is something I often talk about and fits well into creating something new. For 2019, find people that you admire, that have a practice you strive for, and ask for their help to you get there. Reach out to someone that is having difficulty building their practice to share your knowledge and offering support. Either way means you will be creating new dialogues, new support and a new network.

Is your new year about giving things up or creating something new?

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