Research and Writing in the Experiential Learning Context

Can you give one day to your writing? If so, there is a treat coming to Toronto just for you.

Each year, at law schools all across the United States, the Legal Writing Institute sponsors a One-Day Workshop, which establishes 10-12 satellite forums to discuss the study, teaching, and practice of professional legal writing.

This year, for the very first time outside the US, Osgoode Hall Law School and the U of T Faculty of Law will jointly host a One-Day Legal Writing Institute Workshop entitled “Research and Writing in the Experiential Learning Context.”

The Osgoode and U of T law librarians and the directors of the Legal Research and Writing Programs have organized the workshop to include the following presentations, amongst others:
• Supporting the Development of Rigorous Legal Writing Skills Using a Clinician’s Toolkit
• Problem-based Law Clinic Workshops
• Minding the Gaps: Making Students Mindful of Weaknesses in their Legal Analysis and Writing
• Experiential Learning and Legal Technology Proficiency
• Maximizing the Experiential Experience: How to Boost Research Skills Instruction for Long-Term Retention
• Teaching Contracts and Commercial Contracts as an Upper Level Legal Writing Experiential Course
• Two for the Price of One: Integrating Transactional Drafting into Traditional Legal Writing Assignments

These presentations will feature speakers from across Canada and the United States including Vancouver, Montréal, Texas, New York City, and Cleveland.

The workshop will take place at Osgoode Hall Law School on December 6, 2019. See our site for more information and to register

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