Create a Life—Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Beyond your wildest dreams—First, you have to dare to dream!

Sometimes there is a fine line between pain and pleasure… dreams and nightmares. We have all had that experience of not being sure. I have worked with many clients that I have coaxed out on to thin ice to find that they were quite safe being there… and now very comfortable staying there.

What are your dreams? I have asked many a lawyer that question and I get answers like… “Be a great lawyer.” To me, that isn’t a dream… that is reality… generally they are already a great lawyer. Could they be better? Of course.

What do you want in your life that is beyond your wildest dreams? That is the question! Is it to grow your practice to an unthinkable level? Is it to turn your sights on politics? Is it to leverage your legal knowledge into a business venture? Is it to use your compassion and knowledge of the law as a Judge? Is it to become the next John Grisham? Is it to make a nice living and be there for your kids and spouse? All of this is possible if you dare to dream.

Sometimes when I’m working with a client I can see that there is something unspoken… lawyers resist. You are great at presenting all the evidence as to why your dream isn’t a good idea. I beg you… let go!

Seth Godin has a great take on this…

“In search of a timid trapeze artist. Good luck with that, there aren’t any.

If you hesitate when leaping from rope to another, you’re not going to last very long.

And this is at the heart of what makes innovation work in organizations, why industries die, and how painful it is to try to maintain the status quo while also participating in a revolution.

Gather up as much speed as you can, find a path and let go. You can’t get to the next rope if you’re still holding on to this one.”

Stop the hesitation. Think about what you want, what you dream about and your unspoken longings. Here are eight ideas to ponder:

    1. Is there a practice area you really enjoy? Would you like to become the go to expert and build a niche?
    2. Is there an industry that you find fascinating? How could you get more work from the industry? Would you like to attend their conferences and trade shows? Is your interest more than just the legal aspect of the industry?
    3. Do you have a hobby you love? How could you center your practice on the area, people and industry?
    4. Would you like to be able to travel more? How could you focus your practice area in a way that would incorporate travel to places you can include personal days exploring?
    5. Would you like to spend more time with your family? How can you organize your practice so that you can make a good living and manage your schedule to be available for your family?
    6. Would you like to grow your firm to the next level or maybe downsize it to a more manageable level? What would it take to start that journey?
    7. Do you love politics or have a burning desire to be of service in a big way? What would that look like? Could that be to become a Judge, a Representative a Mayor or a Senator? What would have to be in place to make the leap?
    8. Do you love to write? When you work on a case do you think—that would make a great novel and you can envision the details? Could you commit to writing a 1000 words a week?

Every single one of these ideas was a dream one of my clients dared to speak out loud. Yes, there was fear—but the dream was stronger and represented the possibility of a new life that would be more fulfilling. When they committed to their dream there was no hesitation to take the first step and start the journey!

Hesitation is the kiss of death. I’m sure all of you know a lawyer who has lost his or her passion and they are just going through the motions of everyday life. Don’t let that be you. Go for it! Explore the possibilities beyond your wildest dreams and begin your journey!

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