Innovating Justice Forum 2020

Introducing the Innovating Justice Forum 2020:

The Innovating Justice Forum is a premier event working towards Sustainable Development Goal 16 and taking justice innovation to the next level. This edition of the annual gathering will focus on “how justice innovation can be financed and why it makes sense to invest in it”.

Embark with us on a discovery of the avenues and alleys leading towards building the business case for Financing Justice Innovation.

We aim to make these two full days a lively exchange of ideas, co-creation, scrum sessions on matters directly related to getting justice innovations financed, presentations, and pitches from 13 promising justice innovators.

Where & When?

February 4th and 5th, 2020 | The Hague, Netherlands

Why Now?

Demand for effective justice services from people is huge. But investment in such services is still minimal. What needs to be done to increase the money streams towards preventing and resolving justice problems?

The justice gap has been defined by landmark reports during 2019. What are the investable opportunities that have potential to bridge the justice gap? What scale of investments is needed, how do we get that investment and how can we make that sustained? In relation to that, how can we connect the current silos and build a group of engaged actors from different sectors to finance 100% access to justice?


Innovators, investors, donors and finance experts from ministries and courts will meet to explore the dynamics of current financial streams in the justice sector. Stakeholders have to cooperate to increase the money flowing for justice:

  • Citizens want better services, for which they are willing to pay.
  • Current public services feel the constraints of limited budgets.
  • Private investors need a perspective for growth.
  • Innovators need access to scale for their services.
  • Governments need to make space for innovative services, in courts and in the legal services markets, but also need help to monitor quality.

With a concentration of finance experts, justice leaders and justice innovators, you will gain a clear grasp of how revenue can be increased so that more people can be served and the sector can grow.

The Innovating Justice Forum is designed to be a user-friendly journey exploring the terrain of financing justice innovation. The home of SDG16 – The Peace Palace – is transformed into an exchange of ideas and skills. Come and align yourself where most value is added for you: engage with innovators, investors, researchers or policy-makers at the Peace Palace


From around the world, meet many experienced and more recently discovered justice innovations attend:

  1. HAQDARSHAK, India (Access to social services)
  2. AXDRAFT, Ukraine (Smart contracts)
  3. LawPadi, Nigeria (Justice)
  4. Uitelkaar, The Netherlands (Dispute resolution)
  5. Bankly, Nigeria (Access to Finance)
  6. Vesicash, Nigeria (Access to Finance)
  7. Africlaim, Nigeria (Access to Finance
  8. Appruve, Ghana (Access to Finance)
  9. ESS Legal Assurance, Tanzania (Access to justice)
  10. Sheria Kiganjani, Tanzania (Access to justice)
  11. AirLaw Pro, Ukraine (Consumer protection)
  12. Yunga, Uganda (Security and Crime prevention)
  13. Legit, Uganda (SME empowerment / legal protection)
  14. Legal Hub, Uganda (Legal advice)
  15. EasyLaws, Lebanon
  16. LawBasket, Zimbabwe (Access to Justice)
  17. rAInbow, South Africa (Domestic violence)
  18. JusticeBot, Uganda (Smart contracts)

Meet experts in the field of in dispute resolution:

  1. Jin-Ho Verdonschot (ODR, legal tech)
  2. Mille Bojer (Peace processes)

Meet justice budget holders and leaders:

  1. Pius Bigirimana, (Judiciary of Uganda)
  2. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, (Judiciary of the United Kingdom)
  3. Paul Nemitz, (European Commission)

Meet financers and investment experts:

  1. Nichole Yembra, The Chrysalis Fund
  2. Bjorn Vennema, Social Finance
  3. Robert Ryan, Aristata Fund UK

Meet experts in access to justice:

  1. Marcus Manuel, ODI
  2. Maaike de Langen, Task Force on Justice
  3. Matthew Burnett, Open Society Foundation
  4. Sam Muller, HiiL
  5. Natalie Byrom, The Legal Education Foundation
  6. Santiago Pardo Rodriguez, Access to Justice Design Lab, Universidad de los Andes

About the Program:

Spread out over two days, the programme drives at furthering our understanding of how to finance the targets under SDG16, particualrly equal access to justice for all.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of the needs for financing justice
  • Understand the dynamics of current financial streams in the justice sector
  • What do private investors and funders need to invest in SDG16?
  • How can revenues be increased so more people can be served and the sector can grow?
  • Explore the best innovations and how revenues can be increased
  • What ‘smart fee systems’ are available for the justice sector?
  • Which business models work for justice innovation?
  • What is the right balance between public and private payments?
  • Define measurable outcomes to make the case for investment
  • How does a fair solution look like and how can it be measured? How do define outcomes related to justice for investment purposes?
  • Budgeting and public/private partnerships to finance 100% access to justice

For a full list of agenda topics, please view the programme on the website.

Here’s what past participants said about The Innovating Justice Forum:

“The quality of justice innovations this year was really fantastic. Real solutions to some big problems” Eddie Hartman, Vice President of LegalZoom (US)

“The world has come to realise because of initaitves like the Foum, that there is a fundamental place that legal technology will play in achieving SDG16¨ Gerald Abila, Founder Barefoot Law (Uganda)


Please register for your place at the Innovating Justice Forum through the website.


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