Add Value Not Noise

Content continues to be king for professionals trying to build their profile. However, not all content is insightful and understanding what your audience wants is the key to developing content that adds value.

I regularly listen to a very well-produced podcast that comes out weekly. I like what the personalities have to say and although I don’t always listen to the entire podcast I do listen to each new episode. During a recent episode, the conversation turned to the quality of reporting done as part of the podcast.

One of the presenters said that the podcast is really only good “one in ten” times and his job is to make the listeners hope that the podcast they are listening to is the that good one. It was definitely Canadian self-deprecating humour as the podcast delivers on the goods most of the time, but there was a point.

Was his point that 90% of what he has to say is garbage and doesn’t add value? Or was it that he has built an audience that is engaged enough to listen for the small nuggets that differentiate him from other similar podcasts?

Another way to look at it is, if content is king and only 10% of his content is good, why do people waste time on the other 90%? Can’t the audience use that time to find content that adds value?

In reality very few people that can get away with delivering noise most of the time. These people tend to be celebrities, people of influence or media types. The majority of people need to flip that narrative to 90% value and 10% noise.

You add value by delivering something insightful and by sharing other people’s content that your audience should be aware of. Sometimes you may like or share an article. Other times you may add comments before you share. Understand what your audience is looking for and deliver on it.

Don’t post content just so you can tick a box on your marketing plan or because a more senior member of your team tells you to. Create content that is in your voice, which builds on your ideas and provokes thoughts in others. By doing so, you will add true value and not just add to the noise.

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