Spring Routine Refresher

The fresh spring air gives everyone a little jump in their step which makes it a great time to update your routine. Use this time to consider ways to your improve business relationships.

Business relationships are just like any relationship, they require a level of effort to maintain and grow. And just like other relationships, the best are mutually beneficial where both sides are willing to give and support each other. Here are few practices that will help you strengthen your relationships.

  1. Make getting in contact part of your routine

Many people preach the idea of seven touches per year with a client. That same holds true for all business relationships. You can use social media, direct communications, conferences, etc. but make sure you connect regularly.

  1. Know your contacts

Many Client Relationship Management tools allow you to keep notes on your clients – do it! It may seems silly at the time to add a note that a person is going on vacation to Iceland but the next time you speak to them and ask about it you will look like a hero.

  1. Be genuine

Talk to people and be considerate of what is happening in their lives. Having a mutually beneficial relationship sometimes means connecting contacts together which may not provide an immediate return for you but could prove in the long term to help everyone.

  1. Listen

Everyone knows we have two ears and one mouth. If you listen twice as much as you talk you will gather incredible insight from people. While you are at it, actually listen rather than thinking about your grocery list.

  1. Keep your promise

Following up on promises will show you were paying attention and that you stand by your word which will build a feeling of trust among your contacts. Manage expectations but remain consistent in what you deliver.

  1. Actually spend time with people

It is incredible how much stronger relationships become when you have shared an experience. Don’t just call, text, and email. Go spend an afternoon with someone!

If you have been feeling a little out of touch over the winter months, now is a great time to reconnect with people.

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