Times Have Changed, the Need to Market Hasn’t.

Relationships are a funny thing. We all know people that we cannot see for years and then decided to grab a coffee and everything just works. It feels like you see that person every day. Other people we see everyday and may take for granted just how close we are.

Seeing people isn’t as easy as it used to be. It takes more effort. It takes technology. It takes a desire on both parties to be together.

Marketing has always taken effort. Where you place your efforts will be a determining factor in your success as we move through the pandemic.

There has been a shift to seeing people with tools such as Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet. Professionals that have gone away from email and text messages to virtual meetings are excelling. We want to see people beyond our four walls. Technology allows you to connect with people, to see what they are feeling and to understand their situations. This is a new type of bond you will create and one that will be lasting. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s a great alternative.

New content has become even more important. Our firm ran a series of webinars that we anticipated 50-80 people would attend when in fact over 400 people attended. We were overwhelmed with the response. Interactions on LinkedIn posts have surged as have open rates on emails. People are craving information and education, especially when it is not COVID related.

Some traditional sources of advertising have slowed or stopped. Taking someone for dinner or a game is just not possible. Jerry Seinfeld’s recent Netflix special starts by speaking to the audience about the “accomplishment” of getting to the show. That’s not today but it will be again. Maybe instead of taking someone to a game, you start a card game group or challenge each other with socially distant endeavors.

One thing we do have is time. We have time to network, to be in front of clients and potentials. We have time to work on our brand, share our thoughts and ideas. Use this time to improve on those aspects of your marketing that need work. Update your LinkedIn and firm bios; post articles that show your thought leadership; set-up “face to face” virtual meetings; evaluate your client base to see how you can improve their experience.

For now we need stay indoors and practice social distancing. That does not mean we can’t evolve in how we market. Put in some effort and use this time to your advantage.

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