Cheifetz, Apportionment of Fault (1981) – PDF Available

Apportionment of Fault In Tort (1981) – David Cheifetz

An unrestricted PDF of Cheifetz, Apportionment of Fault in Tort is now available. The text has been out of print for about 2 decades.

The “price”, for Canadian purchasers, will be a donation of CDN $20 to either the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children or the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. Purchasers from other countries should chose a suitable children’s hospital or equivalent in their jurisdictions.

If you want the PDF: Send a request to me at with a copy of the donation confirmation and the email address to which you want me to email the link which you will use to download the file. It is about 45KB . I expect you will have the file within 48 hours of my receipt of the proof of donation.

If there is some reason for urgency – after 40 years I’m hard-pressed to imagine what that might, the make the request by a comment to this page.

I am able to provide a 25KB version if, for some reason, you want a smaller PDF. As best as I can tell, the smaller size does not affect the quality of the image for reading purposes or printing purposes.

I have placed a sample chapter, available for downloading, on the “Selected Publications” page of It is the first entry. 

My plan and expectation is that a new version of the text will appear in the latter part of 2022, latest, covering all of the provinces and territories to the same extent as Apportionment focused on Ontario. The chapter on Quebec will be available in English and French.


  1. This type of legal text strikes me as an excellent demonstration of the social value of specialist lawyers. Apportionment issues will be entirely irrelevant to 99% of Canadians, and critically important to the 1% who find themselves caught up in a case involving these questions. Good to see a new edition is forthcoming.