Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario: A New, Comprehensive and Free Guide

Noel Semple, General Editor

The free access to law movement has made impressive strides in 30 years. It is now taken for granted that all primary law and most reasons for decision are freely available online. In Canada, CanLII has been at the forefront of this movement. Funded by Canadian lawyers, CanLII first developed a thorough and free database of statutes, regulations, and decisions. More recently it has expanded into the realm of legal commentary.

Plenty of lawyers are willing to write first-rate content for free — as Slaw has proved. Assuming that the resources necessary for editing and publishing their work can be found, there is no apparent reason why paywalls of any kind should stand between authors and readers of legal commentary.

As a small contribution to this movement, I am very pleased to announce the publication of Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario (CPPO) on CanLII.

CPPO is a free, comprehensive guide to Ontario Civil Procedure. It is written by leading Ontario specialists, edited by Prof. Noel Semple, and now available on CanLII. It is the first and only guide to Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure, Courts of Justice Act, and Limitations Act which is designed to be not only thorough and detailed enough for specialist litigators, but also accessible to law office staff, self-represented litigants, and the general public. It will always be a work in progress, as we undertake to keep it up-to-date with new case law and legal developments.

Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario can be accessed by clicking here.

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