Book Review: Is Law Computable?: Critical Perspectives on Law and AI

I had the opportunity to review “Is Law Computable?: Critical Perspectives on Law and Artificial Intelligence” for the Canadian Law Library Review (46(4), 2021). This was edited by Simon Deakin and Christopher Markou and published last year by Hart Publishing (ISBN: 978-1-5099-3706-6).

This is the short version:

If you have any interest in artificial intelligence (AI), especially if it’s coupled with a desire to learn more about how developments in AI are related to law and legal technology, then this collection of papers has been compiled just for you.

While AI continues to seep into many areas of legal practice this is an important collection of critical papers relevant not just for law libraries but for any library collection hoping to inform readers about ongoing developments of AI and society.

The full review is available on the Osgoode Digital Commons.

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