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Facts on Google Glass and Privacy

We’ve touched on Google Glass a few times at Slaw; and today I’d like to extend that conversation by highlighting a great article by Matt McGee over on Marketing Land: The Google Glass Privacy Debate: What’s Real & What’s Overblown Hype. While Glass isn’t yet available in Canada (though it is nice to see our Privacy Commissioner quizzing Google early), I thought McGee did an excellent job clarifying some of the technologica...
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Google Glass – the Creepy Intrusive Privacy Perspective

Google Glass is a cool concept. The thought of having a real-time augmented reality display brings interesting possibilities. In addition to possible courtroom use, take a look at 10 Compelling Ways People Plan To Use Google Glass, and 11 Kickass Ways Normal People Will Use Google Glass. Possibilities include surgery, education, gaming, and navigation. One of the hurdles to adoption is the practical aspect of whether people will want to wear the...
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More on Google Glass, Value in the Courtroom?

David and I both touched on Google Glass in April of last year, the company’s new project to push computing technology into our eyewear. A new video, released yesterday, offers some additional insight into what it might be like to wear such a product. [embedded below] These video clips are obviously targeting the capture of lifestyle moments, but with respect to lawyers, I’ve been wondering if there could be any value in the courtr...
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Perspective Is an Important Element of Privacy

...ample is in this article entitled Eric Schmidt is using the same argument against drones that others use against Google Glass. One of the most common concerns raised about Google Glass (other than looking like a nerd) is the potential for privacy invasion. The more of these there are around, the more likely each one of us is going to be captured on the video they can take whether we like it or not. And where is all this video going to end up? Tha...
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The Next Tech Trend – Smart Watches

...ven has a camera in the side of the wristband. Which means you can take pictures just as surreptitiously as with Google Glass. It will be available for purchase later this month. I think these will become popular, probably more popular than Google Glass. Google is developing their own smartwatch as well – indeed they own a company that has already made one. It makes sense as a way to interact with a large phone or tablet without taking it out of...
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Is Wearable Tech Dead?

Nike just announced that it is exiting its FuelBand fitness tracker business. Another article claims that “it’s only a matter of time until [Google Glass] joins devices such as the Zune, the Kin, the PlayBook, and the Xoom in tech hell.” Despite musings that wearable tech is dead and dying, these are just growing pains. Wearable devices are still in an early bleeding edge phase where manufacturers and users are trying to figure...
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Tips Tuesday

Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on technology, research and practice. Technology Filter Your Gmail Messages With Personalized Custom Email Addresses Dan Pinnington Most people don’t realize GmailIconthat you can use multiple address variations of your basic “” Gmail address. Gmail lets you put a plus (“+”) sign and any combination...
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Wearable Computing – Legal Issues?

...find the intersection of technology and law interesting, and I’ve been asked to speak about it this fall. Google Glass privacy concerns is a popular topic today, especially around the issue of the ability to record and save images and video, and what might happen with all that. In addition to Google Glass we are seeing the debut of the smartwatch. The Pebble was a very successful kickstarter project, and there are rumours about an upcoming...
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Big Data and Wearable Computing Spark Legal Issues

I think we are going to see over the next while some interesting technical developments with some equally interesting legal issues to ponder around big data and wearable computing. One of the things I like about being an IT lawyer is that I get to see interesting new technology and businesses, and with any luck do their legal work. Earlier this morning I was at a business that has some cool technology around social media and big data. It has the...
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Wearable Computers, Augmented Reality, and Gesture Control

On average, the typical lawyer does not use cutting edge technology, and even if we do have the latest smartphone or tablet, we generally don’t push the envelope for its use. It is worthwhile though (at least for those of us who might be described as tech geeks) to think about how we might better use the tech we have now, and what might lie ahead. For example: Microsoft announced in November a modified version of the Kinect that is designe...
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Brainspray and the Law

[Vocabulary Watch] ‘Brainspray’ – Electrical and other signals given off by the brain that are detectable – and increasingly usable – for various purposes.*  Science, medicine and commerce It is widely known that much of the functioning of our brain is done by electrical impulses, or at least that its functioning creates electrical impulses. Since the invention of the electroencephalograph (EEG) many decades ago, these impulses...
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