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The Evolving Value of Information Management: Joint Financial Times and SLA Report

...s just I’m applying it to a different area.” 5. Provide decision-ready information The top three information related challenges for executives concern the “relevancy of information,” “having to sift through information” and “information overload.” The common thread through all of these is that the information they receive is not ‘decision ready’. In other words, executives have to spend valuable time trying to get the cup they need from the...
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So You Want to Be a Law Librarian?

...vice” in the age of the Internet, I don’t see this is a problem, especially since most lawyers will readily admit they lack sufficient skills in this area or are otherwise too busy to do such work effectively. 2) Information overload: Related to this is the threat of information overload. Law librarians can play an important role to filter information for lawyers. For example, law librarians can easily exercise their professional...
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Now’s a Good Time Get Good at Processing Electronically Stored Information

...nt to develop an understanding of its record management system and information flows, after you work with your client to help it implement a reasonable litigation hold and before you produce and present electronically stored information. Processing electronically stored information is an important topic to consider given the “new Ontario Rules” come into force on January 1, 2010. The pending changes to the Rules are not about...
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David Weinberger on “Knowledge at the End of the Information Age”

...been a really interesting conversation! Beyond the 'experts don't scale' comment these are some other points that resonated with me that I leave for others to possibly pick up on: -there is no plural for knowledge -answer to information overload? more information -content is connection -topics are confining -knowledge exists in the conversation, between us -transparency is the new objectivity (re: Wikipedia) -the Internet reflects our humanism:...
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Combating Information Overload

Information overload remains a serious issue for many (information) professionals. At a recent knowledge management (KM) conference in New York sponsored by WestKM and Recommind, I presented a paper on the topic of information overload. I discussed three main aspects: 1) The History of Information Overload 2) The Negative Impact of Information Overload 3) KM Tips and Techniques to Combat Information Overload 1) The History of Information...
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