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A Supercomputer on Your Wrist

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the specs and quirks of our current technology that we forget how far we have come. To put it in perspective, consider a smartwatch. There are many ways to measure computer performance – CPU speed, amount of ram, amount of storage memory, network speed, etc. A common way to compare basic performance, though, is by FLOPS, or floating operations per second. A smartwatch can do somewhere in the range of 3...
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The Smartwatch Era Is Here

If you are an Apple fan, April 24 2015 marks the beginning of the smartwatch era – the date the Apple Watch is available. (Preorders start Apr 10th.) Smartwatches have been around for a while, but given the Apple reality distortion field, they will initially sell in large numbers, even though they are the most expensive ones available. The basic Apple watch is functionally the same as the most expensive gold watch edition that starts at...
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Smartwatches Still in the Running

...till hasn’t sorted out the right combinations of features and price. Apple’s iWatch is arriving in April. It will no doubt sell well – if for no other reason than it’s an Apple product. The first real smartwatch was the Pebble, which broke Kickstarter records in 2012. They announced a new version of it yesterday, called the “Pebble Time”. They launched a new Kickstarter project yesterday morning – but...
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Will a Smartwatch Be on Your Wrist? 10 Things to Ponder.

...ys that make it more compelling? The type of phone one has will dictate the Apple watch vs Android Wear watch choice. But will some choose or change their smartphone preference based on watch choice? Will the large size of a smartwatch (some might be a challenge to put tour shirt sleeve over it, for example) be a negative? How much better will smartwatches become as they mature over the next few years? I definitely want one – I’m in...
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Smartwatch Week

...eing announced. Some are updates of existing models, and some are new. Examples include the Asus ZenWatch and the Sony SmartWatch 3. Not to be outdone, Apple is expected to announce the iWatch at its own event Sept 9. I want one – but am not quite sure yet which one. I’ll be watching the specs, prices, launch dates and reviews. Will this be the year that smartwatches take off? Is a smartwatch in your future?  ...
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The Next Tech Trend – Smart Watches

...u can take pictures just as surreptitiously as with Google Glass. It will be available for purchase later this month. I think these will become popular, probably more popular than Google Glass. Google is developing their own smartwatch as well – indeed they own a company that has already made one. It makes sense as a way to interact with a large phone or tablet without taking it out of your pocket. One thing that will be interesting is how the...
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Wearable Computing – Legal Issues?

...Glass privacy concerns is a popular topic today, especially around the issue of the ability to record and save images and video, and what might happen with all that. In addition to Google Glass we are seeing the debut of the smartwatch. The Pebble was a very successful kickstarter project, and there are rumours about an upcoming Apple smartwatch. There are also fitness products such as the Fitbit and the Nike Fuelband. Wearable computing has...
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Is a Smartwatch in Your Future?

Many people don’t bother wearing watches any more because its so easy to check the time on our phones. But that may change as watches move from just telling time to being a display device that works with our phones. A Datamation article entitled 5 Tech Trends That Will Bring Back the Wristwatch explains why. The 5 trends: Multi-screen functionality where devices work together Wearable computing Voice interaction eInk displays that are...
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