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From time to time Slaw publishes posts by guest bloggers. The author will be identified at the start of the entry, and some biographical material will be available at its end.

Posts by Guest Blogger

Ontario Land Titles System to Add Risk to Owners

by John R. Wood

Courting Controversy: Substantive Equality and the New Court Challenges Program

by Jennifer Klinck and Kyle Kirkup

Mental Health Is a Professionalism Issue

by Lindsay Carbonero

To Be or Not to Be? Totally Up to Her

by Valerie Akujobi

Training in the Business of the Law

by Stephane Bond

A Brief History of Choking

by Matthew Oleynik

Law Firm Regulation

by Herman Van Ommen, QC

Incorporating Skills-Based Learning Throughout Law School

by Jacqui McMorran

A New Approach to Legal Research and Writing?

by Anthony Mattila, UVic Law Student, Advanced Legal Research and Writing 2014

Why We Should Keep the Doggie-Door Closed on Emotional Damages

by Andrew Buckley

Learning to Keep a Proper Research Record

by Benjamin Ramsden, UVic Law Student, Advanced Legal Research and Writing