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From time to time Slaw publishes posts by guest bloggers. The author will be identified at the start of the entry, and some biographical material will be available at its end.

Posts by Guest Blogger

CBA Futures Chat: Spotlight on Innovation

by Fred Headon

The Komagata Maru Remembered

by Faisal Bhabha

CBA Futures Chat: Law and Design

by Margaret Hagan

Legal IT v3.0

by David R Johnston

Does Solicitor-Client Privilege Truly Enhance Public Trust in Lawyers?

by Daniella Portolese

Targeting Lawyer-Mothers: Rethinking the Unavoidable

by Meagan Dutchak

The Double Glass Ceiling

by Nhi Huynh

The Duty of Confidentiality: Are Rules Made to Be Broken?

by Sean O'Neill

Defence Lawyers, Our Unrecognized Superheroes?

by Meera Persaud

Specialized Licensing for Specialized Practices

by Mike McChesney

Is the Best Defence a Good Offence?

by Emily Gallagher

Our Lips Are Sealed

by C. Taleen Balian

A Bankrupt Can’t Escape a Judgment for Sexual Assault

by Anna Matas & Elizabeth K. P. Grace

Lawyers, Law Firms and Exceptionalism

by Jana Schilder