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From time to time Slaw publishes posts by guest bloggers. The author will be identified at the start of the entry, and some biographical material will be available at its end.

Posts by Guest Blogger

Let TWU Have Its Law School

by Faisal Bhabha

Bedford: A Significant but Cautious Victory

by Emily Dixon

A Comment on Bedford

by Brenda Cossman

Last Word: Memoirs and Memories of Roy McMurtry

by Allan Q. Shipley

Costly Errors

by Allan Rouben

Let the Sun Shine Into the Jury Room

by Allan Rouben

Growth Is Dead? for Who?

by Jason Moyse

Digitisis, Part One

by David R Johnston

Raising the Bar

by Emily Dixon

Reaching a Proper Balance

by "Abe Edric"

Facing Injustice: Implications of Ordering N.S. to Remove Her Niqab

by Amna Qureshi

The CBA on the Future of the Legal Profession

by Fred Headon