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John Willinsky

I’m proud to announce that John Willinsky has joined Slaw as a columnist. And if you look to your right, you’ll see his first column on mandating free access to research. John is currently a professor at Stanford University’s School of Education, coming to them from the University of British Columbia, where he founded the Public Knowledge Project in 1998. Professor Willinksky has written extensively on open access to scholarly research, which topic will form the basis for his columns.

John isn’t new to Slaw. When we had a theme week on Grey Lit, under the direction of . . . [more]

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New Print Function in Slaw

You may notice that now, beneath each entry, there’s a link that invites you to “Print this post.” Clicking it will take you to a page containing a stripped down version of the relevant entry and a list of links referred to in that entry; if it’s what you want, the print button at the bottom of the page will send it on its way to your printer. I’d been meaning to install this for some time and was finally kicked into action by a kind email from a reader who pointed out how unsatisfactory the results of the browser . . . [more]

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Mobile Slaw

I recently had the chance to look at Slaw on the very small screen that mobile phones afford you, and while I wasn’t downcast, I wasn’t blown away by the legibility of it all either. Because some of our readers, at least, will catch up with us as they zip between offices or head out for lunch at the food court, it makes sense for Slaw to offer a stripped down version suitable for the small screeners among us. MoFuse makes that possible. It takes our RSS feed (in this case just for the posts) and serves up a web . . . [more]

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Following Slaw on Twitter

We posted about Twitter back in January pretty much as soon as it came out (Some Folks Are A-Twitter). I was skeptical then, treating it more as a location device — where are you now, rather than what are you doing now — so the office and others could keep track of you. Connie got on to it a few months later (Jaiku Your Feeds), and again we gathered a few comments. It wasn’t going away. Two more posts in August (Twitter , Mr. Speaker, Bacn versus Spam) suggested some momentum. And now . . . [more]

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New Slaw Search Function – Again

You may have noticed that the Google Custom Search box is gone and a new search funtion is in its place. Searching in WordPress blogs has always been a problem, for some reason, and while Google Custom Search was better than the built-in WordPress search function, it had its serious limitations: it would show comments as XML, and it threw up a great many duplicates and category pages full of irrelevant posts.

I’m trying a plugin, Search Unleashed, that would seem to offer pretty much all we might want. It searches titles, post content, comments and authors of these. . . . [more]

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Slaw Error Message

Some of you may have encountered this ugly message instead of the Slaw you were expecting:

It seems that we’re a victim of our own growth in popularity, and the more readers we have who are commenting or otherwise asking Slaw’s php scripts to do their thing, the more we encroach on cpu limits we didn’t even know we had. I took steps last week, when this began to happen in earnest, to upgrade us to a server at our host, Bluehost, that gives us something like three times the cpu capacity. We’re on their list and I’ve been bugging . . . [more]

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“New” Slaw Not Quite Ready

Well, I got half way there: I’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and I’ve introduced the new categories. Of course, you won’t really see any changes — except to observe, perhaps, that the categories have been removed from the right sidebar. The new design and structure needs more work, so it’s back to the drawing board for a bit until I can command the pixels to behave as I wish. In the meantime, and as always, please enjoy the great posts from our contributors — and please continue to respond with comments.

I’ll keep you posted. . . . [more]

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