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Meeting of International Commission of Jurists

The Canadian Section of the International Commission of Jurists is comprised of approximately 600 judges, lawyers, law professors, and law students from across Canada who support the Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Judicial Independence, internationally as well as nationally. It operates under the umbrella of the International Commission of Jurists based in Geneva. Justices Ian Binnie of the SCC and Michele Rivet of Quebec are Commissioners to the ICJ representing Canada.

The annual general meeting of ICJ Canada scheduled for Monday August 16, 2010 in Niagara Falls in conjunction with the AGM of the Canadian Bar Association, will include . . . [more]

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Copyright and Licensing Positions for Librarians and Other Non-Lawyers

The recent issue of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter is a special issue focussing on jobs and positions for non-lawyers including librarians, educators, communications coordinators and others. You can obtain a free copy of the Newsletter, subject to a creative commons license at

Lesley . . . [more]

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The End of an Era

As per the subject line, today marks the end of an era. After 18 years at the Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto and then 12 years at the Sir James Dunn Law Library at the Schulich (nee Dalhousie) School of Law at Dalhousie University Ann Morrison is retiring. Ann is a veritable legend in the field of law librarianship, with a list of achievements that I could not do justice to with a Blog post. While I am sad to see her leave us, Ann’s retirement is well-earned and Ann has truly had a lasting impact . . . [more]

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LAWPRO Fraud Alert: Beware of Collaborative Family Law Agreement Scam

The following is the text of a Fraud Alert sent by LAWPRO to Ontario Lawyers today June 17, 2010. Lawyers in Saskatchewan were the targets of this same fraud in May, and I expect lawyers in other provinces are being targeted as well.

Several lawyers have contacted LAWPRO over the last few weeks to advise us they have been the targets of a spousal support collection scam involving a collaborative family law agreement. One Ontario lawyer was successfully duped by this fraud.

We decided to send a warning to the profession as this fraud appears to be targeting many lawyers . . . [more]

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Report of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Do you want to know a secret?,
Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh…

Lyrics and Music by Lennon and McCartney.

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Jennifer Stoddard’s 2009 Annual Report to Parliament on the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is expected to be tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, June 8, 2010.

The annual report will highlight the findings of an audit of several mortgage brokerages which experienced serious data breaches that compromised the personal information of hundreds of people across Canada. The report also explores the issue of transborder . . . [more]

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Annual Meeting of the World Institute for Research and Publication (WIRP)

This will certainly be the first time that I will speak in public in my pyjamas. I’m participating in a conference this weekend hosted by the World Institute for Research and Publication (WIRP) where I’m presenting a couple papers.

It’s not that all my suits are at the dry cleaner, but because the conference is being hosted online. The first time this was done was apparently by CONVIBRA in Brazil. Since 2004, WIRP has been hosting conferences on Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration, Education, and Law, primarily using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

This year they’re trying something different, with . . . [more]

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Conference on Google Book Project and Canada

The Centre for Innovation Law and Policy at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law is holding a one-day conference tomorrow, May 28, on “The Google Book Search Project and Canada: Cross-Border Legal Perspectives.” Registration begins at 8 a.m. at Bennett Lecture Hall, Flavelle House, 78 Queen’s Park, Toronto. If you are unable to attend in person, you can join the conference via a live webcast. The event is free of charge but conference organizers ask that you register on line.

The conference program is available via the link to the conference above. . . . [more]

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New Lawyers’ Insurance Association of Nova Scotia Publication

The Lawyers’ Insurance Association of Nova Scotia (LIANS) has begun publishing a bimonthly electronic newsletter, LIANSwers. The May edition is available in PDF. The publication will include:

substantive issues as well as members’ insurance updates and risk and practice management advice . . . also . . . tips on technology, office management, health and wellness, as well as information on conferences and upcoming events

Of course, much or most of the content will be of specific interest to our Nova Scotia readers, but it never hurts for those practicing elsewhere to check for good advice outside their jurisdictions. . . . [more]

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Slaw’s 5th Anniversary~!

♬Oh dreams Sea of wonder
Sea of dreams
夢は 素直に笑うために 描くもの
Sailing free on a sea of dreams
you and me
Sailing free on a sea of dreams…♬

Music by: John Kavanaugh; lyrics written and recorded by: MISIA for Tokyo DisneySea’s 5th Anniversary.

SLAW is looking forward to its future in this video from Canadian Lawyer intern Bryan Smith who was on hand to cover SLAW’s 5th Anniversary celebratory event at the Toronto offices of Heenan Blaikie LLP on Thursday May 13, 2010. Simon Fodden and Simon Chester are interviewed on this video and they provide some insights on . . . [more]

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