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Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid

The following article appeared in the December 2009 edition of LAWPRO Magazine.

Although social media sites offer lawyers many interesting new ways to interact with people in both personal and work spheres, there are some risks associated with using them. Some of these risks are obvious, some are not.

Before they venture into social networking, lawyers should consider Section 5.5 of the Law Society’s Practice Management Guideline on Technology (“Technology Guideline”). It states, “Lawyers should have a reasonable understanding of the technologies used in their practice or should have access to someone who has such understanding.”

This article will . . . [more]

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Is This the Job You Want?

by Wendy L. Werner / Excerpted from LAWPRO Magazine, Student Issue #1, 2012

On the face of it, interviewing should not be all that difficult – particularly for lawyers. As members of a profession who primarily make their living either writing or speaking, the idea that having a conversation about your interests and abilities in your own profession sounds both logical and easy.

But throw the words “job interview” into the mix and a whole new paradigm emerges. With seemingly so much at stake, job interviews take on a new meaning for people who ordinarily would not shy away from . . . [more]

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In Search of Ethics in to Kill a Mockingbird: Understanding Race and Justice in Maycomb

by Marlon Simmons

On the night of August 21st 1931, the town of Maycomb stood still. In the segregated court of the small Alabama town, an all white male jury tried an African-American man by the name of Tom Robinson. Represented by a white lawyer Atticus Finch, Tom Robinson was found guilty of raping a white woman and was later shot to death after he allegedly attempted to flee. The trial unfolded in a gripping way in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

The film gives us an epoch entrenched in bigotry and institutionalized racism. At the surface level . . . [more]

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Online Resources for Students and New Lawyers

There is a lot to think about beyond substantive law when you are starting a law practice. With that in mind, under the practicePRO banner LAWPRO has created the New Lawyer Resource page containing what we feel are the best resources we have to offer to new and soon-to-be-lawyers.

The page has two aims: 1) to help newly minted lawyers understand more about things like managing a practice, client relations, practice finances, marketing, and legal technology; and 2) its an introduction to the risk and practice management articles, precedents, checklists and other materials practicePRO offers to lawyers.

From a claims . . . [more]

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Student to Lawyer – 20 Tips for a Successful Transition

Excerpted from LAWPRO Magazine, Student Issue #1, 2012

There isn’t a simple magic formula for mapping out a career in law. You will make some decisions on where you would like to go, but there are many things outside your control which will impact on where you will end up. Factors such as economic conditions, personal circumstances, where you articled and even a bit of luck will affect the career path you will follow.

This article outlines some tips and self-assessment questions that will help you find your way to a satisfying and successful legal career.

1. Ask yourself what . . . [more]

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Putting the Rah-Rah-Rah Into Lawyering: Spirit and Enthusiasm

by Vanessa Mui

According to the Chief Justice of Ontario’s Advisory Committee on Professionalism, the building blocks of professionalism include scholarship, integrity, honour, leadership, independence, pride, spirit and enthusiasm, collegiality, service, and balanced commercialism. “Spirit and enthusiasm” (S&E) is undervalued in ethical rules that regulate and inspire lawyers.

What constitutes “spirit and enthusiasm”? The term “spirit” is mentioned in the Federation of Law Societies Model Code of Conduct but the rules are of no help in explaining how lawyers should exemplify spirit in their daily work. A word search in the Rules for “enthusiasm” turned up nothing. Additionally, “spirit” . . . [more]

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Law Students Offer Great Perspectives on Issues in Legal Profession

I have been privileged to teach legal ethics at the University of Ottawa and before that at Osgoode Hall and U of T. I love teaching legal ethics because students have fresh and valuable perspectives on so many important issues in the legal profession. Legal ethics is a branch of “professional ethics”, special ethical rules that apply to members of a profession. What we think it means to be “a good lawyer” , “a good soldier” or “a good doctor” may differ from society’s general understanding of what it means to be “a good citizen”. In legal ethics we struggle . . . [more]

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