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Profile: Western Law School Bloggers

Western Law has a new student paper, Amicus Curiae.

On page 7 of their second issue, released earlier this week, they profile some of the student bloggers in our school.

We have Legally Blogged, by Chris Crighton, who also maintains a site at Esse Quam Videri.

There’s also Dany Horovitz’s, Business Blogged, of the Financial Post Executive Blog. Dany is in the 3-year joint J.D./M.B.A. program with Ivey, the only one of its kind in Canada, and focuses more on business law. He also cross-posts to Law Is Cool.

And there’s a piece by Lawrence . . . [more]

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Access to Justice and “Going Electronic”

In a comment to the recent post by Patricia Hughes, Justice B. T. Granger of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice referred to a set of slides for a presentation he had given at the 2008 CBA Canadian Legal Conference in Quebec City entitled “The Future is Now: Improving Access to Justice: The Need for Lawyers and the Judiciary to Go Electronic.” I thought that this was a presentation that might interest more than a few Slaw readers and got in touch with Justice Granger, who kindly agreed to let Slaw publish the slides.

Of course because this was about . . . [more]

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CBA Podcast: Taking the Nightmare Out of Networking

The Canadian Bar Association‘s Young Lawyers interest group has released a podcast episode “Taking the Nightmare out of Networking“, a half hour interview with Pippa Blakemore, Strategic Business Partner at The PEP Partnership LLP, in Reading, UK by Sarah Klinger, Chair, Young Lawyers-CBA on how to get over awkward face-to-face networking. She gives suggestions on how to conduct conversation to draw people in. Well worth a listen! . . . [more]

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Rob Hyndman on Law for Web Startups

Today I am at the second day of the mesh conference. mesh is arguably Toronto’s premier social media/business conference, now in its fourth year. These notes have been “liveblogged” during Rob Hyndman’s session “Legal Bootcamp for Web Startups”. Rob Hyndman is principal of Hyndman Law, and one of the five founders of the mesh conference. Any inaccuracies or omissions in the notes below are purely my mistake and not Rob’s. Note this is not legal advice, but general discussion only. The main audience for this talk is start-up owners/those in the market to start up a tech company. . . . [more]

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Canadian Library Association – Emerging Technologies Interest Group & Library Camp

A number of great things are emerging from “library land” following last week’s Computers in Libraries conference in D.C.. As a pre-conference event to the upcoming Canadian Library Association conference in Montreal May 29-June 1, 2009, the CLA Emerging Technologies Interest Group has organized some workshop sessions with prominent emerging technologies librarian Jessamyn West for the morning of Friday, May 29th. In the afternoon they will be holding a “Library Camp” of unconference sessions. This will be a fantastic opportunity to bring some of our brightest minds together to nudge Canadian libraries into the future. Cost is $100 . . . [more]

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Looking Forward With the McGill Guide

Case citations exist primarily for the purpose of enabling a researcher to locate the full text of a judgment or the decision of an administrative tribunal. The primary purpose of a style guide for legal citation is to ensure that everyone can understand how various combinations of numbers, letters, brackets and punctuation make it possible for the reader to find the full text of a case referred to in a book, article or another case. There are other uses, such as case citators, but the main purpose of a case citation is to provide the means to easily locate a . . . [more]

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What Matters?

What Matters is an outstanding new website from McKinsey & Company. From the site:

We began last summer by asking researchers, academics, journalists, policy makers and executives to address ten big questions, whose answers will shape our collective future. In each case, we asked our essayists to take a long view and tackle tomorrow’s trends rather than today’s headlines.

We published those essays in a print collection, also titled What Matters. But our goal was always to translate that vision to the Web, to create a place where we could continue to frame the important questions and gather a

. . . [more]
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Laptops for Lawyers – Netbooks Versus Laptops

I have spent the last week deciding between whether to buy a netbook or a laptop.

A netbook was tempting for both the low price ($300 to $400 range) and as an experiment with Linux and OpenOffice (for some netbooks). However, a large number of online reviews pointed out the limitations of netbooks: smaller keyboard, not much memory, and sluggishness, especially those using Windows XP or Vista.

Ultimately, the advice from a colleague helped me decide in favour of a laptop. His advice? Is it for travel or is it for work? Since I wanted to use it for work, . . . [more]

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Legal IT 3.0 – April 20 & 21, 2009

Legal IT 3.0 is coming up on April 20 & 21 in Montreal. Dominic Jaar is once again heading up the organizing committee and has put the program together along with Xavier Beauchamp-Tremblay.

It is the largest and the most important event of the year in Canada on information technology for law. Dozens of experts from Canada and internationally (United States, France and Australia), including the keynote speaker Ronald J. Deibert, director of the Citizen Lab, will be there. You will also see some Slaw folk speaking including Simon Chester, Steve Matthews, me, and of . . . [more]

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Increase Your Technology and Law Practice Management Knowledge at ABA TECHSHOW

ABA TECHSHOW 2009 is quickly approaching – April 2-4 in Chicago – and as the earlybird registration was just extended to March 6, you have a few more days to save up to $400 on registration fees.

After several years on the organizing committee, and as Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2007, it could easily be claimed that I am a tad biased about this conference. I won’t deny that – but I think this conference speaks for itself.

ABA TECHSHOW, now in its 23rd year, is the world’s premier legal technology CLE conference and expo. The conference offers more than . . . [more]

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Collaboration Through Wikis: Law Firm Case Study

The folks at the Toronto law firm Hicks Morley are leaps and bounds ahead of most other firms in their wiki use. They are using the wiki-based platform ThoughtFarmer as their whole intranet. This has had advantages, including being quick to set up and cost effective compared to other intranet or portal platforms.

In October Knowledge Management Specialist Heather Colman made a presentation to both the Toronto and New York Legal KM Groups, and we subsequently invited her to present at Toronto Wiki Tuesdays. These were her slides: . . . [more]

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