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UK Legislation RSS Feeds

Although it’s not quite grey literature, the announcement by the UK’s OPSI (Office of Public Sector Information) that it has has started providing RSS feeds for Acts and Statutory Instruments for UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales is a case of nice timing for this week’s theme on SLAW. It is some consolation for not having official UK statutes online yet! The link from the feed takes you to the full text of the act, the S.I., draft S.I. or Explanatory Notes – a good new resource for those tracking current UK legislation. . . . [more]

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Introducing Slaw’s Theme Week on Grey Literature

Despite Simon’s description of me‘Redoubtable’ has a fairly mixed range, from prominent and esteemed, through formidable, to “appalling, dire, dreadful”, I can’t claim to be much of an expert in GL, so my approach to being the “lead” of this Theme Week will be less as an august guide (though I suppose I am an August guide), and more as a tourist, perhaps even a “redoubtable” one. In any case, I’ll make my comments and hopefully the rest of you can fill in the important bits I miss.

Because GL in the legal world is considerably less known and collected . . . [more]

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Slaw’s Second Theme Week

It’s my pleasure to announce that Slaw will have its second theme week starting Monday, August 7 — yes, the Monday that’s holiday Monday for most of the country. The theme is grey legal literature and our theme leader is the redoubtable Michael Lines, Slawyer and Law Librarian and Information Coordinator / Bibliothécaire et coordonnateur de l’information at the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice / Forum canadien sur la justice civile in Edmonton.

Grey lit is a very broad concept, which, until Michael focuses us more precisely, might be said to comprise online literature that’s neither available through one . . . [more]

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