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New Law Librarians’ Institute – Ottawa, June 8-12, 2014

Registration is now open for the 2014 edition of the New Law Librarians’ Institute. This is an intensive, week-long program aimed at developing skills in the key competencies of law librarianship developed and presented by the Canadian Association of Law Libraries.

The program will feature expert instruction from leading law librarians and law professors, small class size, a mix of lectures and practical sessions, hands on sessions, and valuable take-home materials. This year the Institute will be held at the Brian Dickson Law Library, University of Ottawa with accommodation in the university’s residences.

Despite the name, this program . . . [more]

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Show Me the Money – a Reply

 I thoroughly enjoyed Susan Munro’s recent Slaw column “Show me the Money” in which she forcefully and unabashedly made the case for the value of high-quality legal editorial work. She stands on firm ground when in defending the professional standards of paid editors she argues that “when the job is done properly, enormous value is added”. To this I would add that in such circumstances, professionals are very happy to pay for the result. As Susan notes, unquestioned quality permits reliance, efficiency and cost savings to lawyer and client.

But she misses the point.

Her article was a response to . . . [more]

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The Court, and SCC News Releases

My Supreme Court of Canada news releases subscription told me that The Court heard Loyola High School, et al. v. Attorney General of Quebec (read the summary at Docket 35201) yesterday.

I look on this case with intellectual interest from the perspective of someone who convinced my (public school) Jr High principal that we should have French as our option rather than Religion. There were 27 kids in my Jr High School and we all had the same ‘option’. My younger brother who shared a classroom and teacher with me though he was a grade younger is still mad . . . [more]

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Legal Research in Saskatchewan

From Legal Sourcery:

CBA Legal Research Section

CBA Saskatchewan is considering expanding its sections and providing a Legal Research forum for lawyers that are interested in maintaining and honing their research skills. This section will be geared towards those who conduct legal research, including lawyers with firms, the courts, government, corporations and law reform and other legal institutions, contract research lawyers, and law librarians in the private and public sectors. If you are interested in being part of the section, please contact the Branch. Based on the level of interest, the Branch will consider introducing this section during the 2014-2015

. . . [more]

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Heather Robertson (March 19, 1942 – March 19, 2014)

We note the death of Canadian author, Heather Robertson, last Wednesday. She published her first book, Reservations are for Indians, in 1970, and her last book, Walking into Wilderness, four years ago. She was a founding member of the Writers’ Union of Canada and the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

For the Slaw community she is best known for being the representative plaintiff in the action by freelancers to be paid royalties for electronic and digital access to their work. Robertson v. Thomson Corporation is the seminal case on copyright in a digital environment as it affects freelancers . . . [more]

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Class Notes 1: Mining Social Media for Legal Research

By this point in the term, our advanced legal research and writing class has covered all the favourite usual suspects: research plans, research records and journals, secondary research using legal and library databases, federal legislative research, provincial legislative research, primary research using the big three, UK research, US research, and so on. We’re saving EU legal research for next week.

But this week we took a small detour and looked at the use of social media as a resource for legal research. For instance, we examined the strategic use of Twitter as a legal research source, mainly for secondary information . . . [more]

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Database Scope Notes

A note about the Quicklaw NetLetters Collection reminded me recently about scope notes. Quicklaw is focusing on NetLettrs that are most widely used by their customers and discontinuing some others. Like most collections that are discontinued, the archive of the discontinued titles will remain. LexisNexis Quicklaw has committed to helping users identify archival content:

The discontinued NetLetters will remain on Quicklaw as archive sources with the archival indicator (*) appearing beside the source name.

Understanding when database coverage starts and the currency of a collection is an important element in comprehensive legal research. Each research tool looks after currency in . . . [more]

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Introducing Legal Sourcery Blog

Welcome Legal Sourcery from the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library to the law blog scene. They are posting several times a week on ” legal research tricks, interesting legal research news and what’s happening at the Library.”

Today they explain the blog name:

Putting our heads together and thinking creatively, we took a vote and decided to call this blog Legal Sourcery. Legal Sourcery is the expertise and capability we bring to legal research. It represents the multitude of legal resources we provide and the skills we use to wade through these resources.

So far they have pointed out interesting . . . [more]

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Google News (Newspapers) Archive Search

Google now lets you search a news archive that consists exclusively, it seems, of newspaper archives, digital or scanned, provided they aren’t held behind a paywall. This may have been available before now, but I’ve only become aware of it today. And I have to say that for anyone seeking to inquire into the last hundred years or so, this is a treasure trove. Google doesn’t say how many newspapers are in the database, but I count something like 120 beginning with “A” alone (among which is a plentiful supply of Canadian publications). For each publication, you’re told how many . . . [more]

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Canadian Association of Law Libraries – Keynote and Concurrent Sessions at Upcoming 2014 Annual Conference

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) has posted the list of keynote speakers and concurrent sessions at its upcoming annual conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Among the keynote speakers are:

The conference takes place May25-28, 2014 under the theme of “The Confluence: Knowledge Meets Inspiration/Au . . . [more]

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The Internet Web Is 25: How Do We Keep It Open and Free?

This week is the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Internet a.k.a. the World Wide Web. Yesterday Google shared a message from the Internet’s Web’s inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee. In March 1989 he shared a proposal for “a ‘web’ of notes with links between them” or a non-linear system using “hypertext” which I remember (as someone who used the precursors of the Internet) as a hot topic at the time.

Berners-Lee takes the opportunity to ask some important questions in urging us to keep the Internet open and free:

So today is a day to celebrate. But it’s also

. . . [more]

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Upcoming Workshop: Semantic Web and Legal Information

I am excited about the pre-conference workshop coming up in Winnipeg in May as part of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries conference. This will have interest wider than Association members, so please pass the word.

We are fortunate to be having Tim Knight and Sarah Sutherland present this workshop that will provide us with some initial groundwork in areas such as linked data, the semantic web and open data.

Description is below and there is more information on the CALL/ACBD website, along with registration information:

I have already signed up and hope to see you there!

Pre-Conference Workshop 

. . . [more]

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