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MDPs Come to BC

♫ Dance Dance wherever you may be
I am the lord of the dance said he
And I lead you all wherever you may be
And I lead you all in the dance said he…♫

Lyrics by: Sydney Carter, music by: Elder Joseph Brackett, “Lord of the Dance“.

Effective July 1, 2010 Multi-Disciplinary Partnerships (“MDP’s”) are allowed by the Law Society of British Columbia. Law Society Rules 2-23.1 and following govern the establishments of MDP’s in the Province of BC.

This is a big change for law firms in BC. For one 2-23.1 (1) states:

“member of

. . . [more]
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The Paperless or Virtual Office – It’s a Mindset

There has been much written on Slaw and other places about the paperless office, or the virtual office. 

My personal view is that for the most part, we either already have the tools to accomplish it, or if we don’t have them, they can be acquired at low cost. The barrier is mostly our will to do it. Some people don’t see the need, or have a hard time giving up paper, or just find it hard to change.

Technolawyer points to an article that’s worth a read by New York lawyer Jay Fleishman entitled Being a Virtual Lawyer is . . . [more]

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Ontario Law Society Report on Gender and Racialization in Profession

The Law Society of Upper Canada commissioned a study by Michael Ornstein at York University’s Institute for Social Research, resulting in a report, Racialization and Gender of Lawyers in Ontario [PDF], presented to Convocation in April of this year. As expected — and, in my view, hoped — membership in the profession by visible minorities, Aboriginal people, and women is in fact growing. This growth has been dramatic in the case of women: in 1971 women accounted for 5% of the profession, whereas in 2006 they constituted almost 60%, as revealed in the chart below.

Click image to enlarge . . . [more]

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Silly Season

I ran across this today while on a search for something else. At first, I just found it amusing. Now I’m thinking it’s a brilliant bit of viral marketing for Paul Pearson’s firm, Mulligan Tam Pearson.

In addition to the 4,000+ views, Pearson has been featured in a Victoria Times-Colonist article. And now a mention here. Who could ask for anything more? :) . . . [more]

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Long-Term Strategies for the Long-Tail

An article by Michael Moyer in this month’s Scientific American reinforces that crowd-sourcing approaches towards rating sites are inaccurate, and do pose a risk to lawyer’s reputations. We’ve discussed lawyer rating sites on Slaw before, here and here.

Moyer cites Eric K. Clemons of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, who points out a couple of inherent biases in rating sites:

  1. people using a service have already made a choice, and are pre-disposed to liking it
  2. people do not tend to rate things they find satisfactory

What this means is that rating sites represent the extremes – . . . [more]

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Leading (On) Lawyers?

♫ Into the spotlight and out again
Come and get your 15
Your 15 minutes of fame…♫

Lyrics and Music by: Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent.

Andy Warhol

Ahh fleeting fame. It seems that advertisers are pouring over themselves to add accolades to lawyer’s resumes, blogs, web sites, CVs and bios. Consider this excerpt from an email from one of those ‘who is’ directories:

We are pleased to inform you that your candidacy was formally approved June 20th, 2010. Congratulations.

Of course the only minor problem with this is that I don’t ever being asked to submit an . . . [more]

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Questions About the David Cowling Lawsuit

I suspect we’ll be hearing quite a bit about a new suit filed by David Cowling of Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark against two former employees of his firm. Jim Middlemiss seems to have broken the story first on the National Post, and it was quickly picked up by the huge American blog Above the Law, so I won’t repeat all of the facts here again or provide too much commentary on the case.

Although Middlemiss points out the similarities to the LaCalamita case and the George Hunter suspension, there’s one important difference. The employee here, Sarah Diebel, . . . [more]

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LinkedIn Legal Updates: Powered by JD Supra

To date, LinkedIn has only offered a handful of sidebar applications that users can install. They’ve been very picky, and only a few are aligned with vertical industries. Even then, it’s obvious that industry apps must have a broader application and be applicable to the general business community. Late last night, the rollout began for Legal Updates on LinkedIn and it’s a huge win for my friends at JD Supra.

We’ve written about JD Supra before here at Slaw, so I won’t spell out their core offering for law firms. They are, however, a company that’s been built around . . . [more]

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The Sun Rose in the West, Again

“[5] I have reviewed the time spent which is 15.9 hours and frankly, I am surprised that so few hours are being claimed …. ” (2010 ONSC 3935).

A round of applause for the successful party’s lawyer, please.

In somewhat the same vein, put up a hand if you’re in favour of a new rule of lawyer’s professional conduct which states that lawyers acting for the winning side in a law suit are allowed to comment on the merits of the result for the media – print, electronic, and otherwise – only if the lawyers concede, on the record, that . . . [more]

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Law Practice Magazine: Recognizing Risks and Avoiding Malpractice Claims

Do you know where the greatest risks of a malpractice claim come from? More importantly—did you know there are simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of a claim being made against you?

The July/August issue of Law Practice Magazine is devoted to helping you avoid the dreaded allegation of legal malpractice, as well as other dangers to your law practice.

LAWPRO’s claims statistics indicate that four out of five lawyers will face at least one claim during the course of their careers. So the odds are you have already experienced a claim or two—and if not, you . . . [more]

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CBA Releases Research Report on Legal Aid

The Canadian Bar Association recently released the report Moving Forward on Legal Aid: Research on Needs and Innovative Approaches [pdf, 125 pages]. From the CBA:

As part of its renewed approach to advancing access to justice, the CBA has released a 125-page research report, Moving Forward on Legal Aid: Research on Needs and Innovative Approaches. Prepared for the CBA by Melina Buckley, LL.B., Ph.D., the report considers the current state of legal aid policy development, both in Canada and internationally, as well as innovative approaches to delivering access to justice.

You may read a longer summary and download a . . . [more]

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