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Bookmarklet for Google’s Real-Time Search

I mentioned in the previous post on the earthquake how useful it was to be able to get automatically updating reports more or less as soon as they were posted, thanks to Google’s real-time search results. You’ll likely know that all you need to do, once your Google search results are returned, is click “latest” in the menu to the left, to get time-ordered results that are dynamically refreshed, i.e. with no need to reload the page in the browser.

Even easier is to use the bookmarklet created by Marshall Kirkpatrick, the lead writer at You can find . . . [more]

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

HBR’s blog post “How Cloud Computing Can Transform Business” (June 4) provides a clear brief overview of cloud computing and its benefits to organizations. It argues that cloud computing’s low cost and agility allow it to deliver real business value. The post goes on to provide the definition of cloud computing and its five main characteristics according to the National Institute of Standards and Testing, part of the US Department of Commerce:

  • On-demand self service.
  • Broad network access, mobile and multi-device.
  • Resource pooling.
  • Rapid elasticity.
  • Measured service.

It illustrates how Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s use of cloud computing . . . [more]

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Privacy in the Cloud: New Google Docs Options

Google Docs has introduced a three-level system of privacy for documents stored in its cloud. Sensibly, the default level is “private,” which means only the account holder can get access to the document.

The next level is “anyone with a link.” This is the novelty, allowing you to share your Google document by sending a link; the system it replaced required you to email formal invitations to particular recipients. Now, as the label indicates, anyone who knows the link can see your document. Google analogizes this to an unlisted phone number, which relies on secrecy for security. Here is where . . . [more]

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Quebec Bar Association Redesigns Its Website – Adds Virtual Tour Guide

The Quebec Bar Association has revamped its website.

The Association conducted a survey of the general population and opted for clearer language and for a simplified presentation of information, both for lawyers and the general public.

The website also has a virtual tour guide Isabelle, who appears on different pages to help the public understand the services the Bar has to offer. As part of its outreach efforts, the Bar is also active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and co-produces a TV series Le Droit de savoir with the educational broadcaster Télé-Québec. . . . [more]

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OLITA Digital Odyssey 2010 – Going Mobile

On Friday, I attended the amazing workshop Digital Odyssey 2010 – Going Mobile, held by the Ontario Library and Information Technology Association. Focused on how to develop information/library services and products in a mobile environment, the individual sessions discussed augmented reality, QR code, designing for mobile, ebooks, and more. Jason Griffey, keynote speaker, discussed why the mobile world is important and why we should be thinking about it. Here are some highlights from his session:

  • 4.1 billion people on the planet have cellphones.
  • More cellphones and cellphone contracts than people in some countries. People are carrying multiple devices.
. . . [more]
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Reading the News Online

Lawyers are big consumers of news: by and large it helps in practice not to be “out of it.” And newspapers have likely been the primary source of lawyers’ general news at least. As everyone knows, in order to cope with the impact that the loss of advertising to the internet has had, newspapers now offer their news online. But there’s a different quality to reading the news online, of course. Most people fix on the difficulty of reading on a screen or on the confusing complexity of the web page, when explaining their preference for paper. Phil Gyford, . . . [more]

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Safari Reader

Great minds think alike, or so they say. In this case, Slaw and Steve Jobs (well, Apple, really) have come up with pretty much the same thing: a way to make your web reading a whole lot easier. Apple released Safari 5 yesterday, the latest iteration of its browser (available for both Windows and Mac operating systems); among the other improvements you’ll find (such as increased speed, and the possibility of extensions) will be Reader. When the browser believes you’re reading an article — how it knows, I don’t know: a long stretch of text, presumably — it offers you . . . [more]

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United States Patent and Trademark Office Bulk Downloads

That Google. They have a lot of stuff, including some US Patent and Trademark office material.

The following USPTO patent products are available for free download.

Grant images
Grant full text
Grant bibliographic data
Published applications
Maintenance fee events
USPTO Red Book
Classification information

Google must have been delivering patents for some time through its Patents beta site since their database contains “over 7 million patents”. I don’t recall hearing about this and would have remained ignorant but for Alex Horns post about the bulk data news from Tech Daily Dose.

As the Google folks say about . . . [more]

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Family Matters – an Online TV Show With a Sitting Judge

I recently pointed to an Ontario study showing that up to a third of residents face legal problems, and the majority of those problems are in family law. The study also looked to Internet resources as part of the solution for self-represented litigants who cannot afford counsel.

There’s a new show being launched featuring a sitting Ontario Family Court judge called Family Matters with Harvey Brownstone. Justice Brownstone is well known in Canada for his public speaking, which includes almost every law school in the country, and his book on family law, Tug-of-War.

With the new show he’s . . . [more]

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