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Google Buys Jaiku

Google just bought Jaiku, “an activity stream and presence sharing service that works from the Web and mobile phones.” (See also Slaw’s Jaiku Your Feeds.) Robert Scoble opines that this is a good fit for Google, which, he says, plans to compete with Facebook. Watch out for November 5, he tells us. (Which also happens to be Guy Fawkes day…the Gunpowder Plot… but I digress.) . . . [more]

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One Laptop Per Child

The long-running One Laptop Per Child program is about to bear fruit this fall when the XO laptop becomes available. Last week’s NY Times had an article summarizing all of the innovative features included in this rugged machine. The laptop that is now to cost $200, or twice the initial goal of keeping the cost under $100. It’s features, particularly its networking and collaboration capabilities, look really interesting.

In a new direction in their strategy, the program is asking for a donation of $400, which will provide the donor with their very own XO and provide a child with another. . . . [more]

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Thankful for Publishers Listening – Publisher RSS Feed Update

It has been a long time coming, so I must make a big deal that we are there! The majority of English Canadian legal publishers now have feeds for their new titles.

On October 3rd Thomson Carswell sent out the message that they now have RSS feeds available. It had been in the works for a while, but they wanted to ensure they did it right, not just for the one new titles use, but for other uses as well. They started with new academic print titles, and have now moved to new and upcoming titles. The feeds are available . . . [more]

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Binary Law on Slaw Et Al.: “Simply the Best”

Slaw is proud to appear, along with five other great blogs, in Binary Law’s list of “6 top legal info and legal web marketing blogs.” Tagged in one of those “top ten xxx” memes, Nick Holmes, the doyen of Binary Law, chose half a dozen blogs from his blogroll:

Thanks, Nick. It’s good company you’ve put us in. . . . [more]

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I got my Buzzword invitation yesterday. Buzzword is the new online word processor that’s recently been acquired by Adobe. I have to tell you: it’s remarkable — unlike any other online word processor. The reason is Flash, that much maligned yet ubiquitous source of magic, which gives the application a fluid feel with almost no latency at all. The layout is beautiful and the functionality, even at this stage of development, is sufficient for most purposes.

It is simply one of the best online applications I’ve ever tried.

You should be able to go as a reader to this document . . . [more]

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Death to Law Journals

Some links to a podcast discussion of how the speed and collaborative nature of blogs is a real challenge to the traditional model of law journals.

In Santa Clara, a debate on Blogging, Scholarship, and the Bench and Bar Video: The event can be viewed by visiting this link.

Event login info: Username: aals, Password: scu2007

And a good discussion at, in a thoughtful posting and a further provocation, the debate continues. . . . [more]

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A Picture’s Worth N Words

A few days ago I posted about forensic linguistics and the unreliability of some witness statements. So I thought it might be interesting, though a stretch for Slaw I admit, to show you how photos are becoming even less reliable pictures of the truth than you thought they were, and incidentally introduce you to a set of graphics tools in the making that are going to be very hot.

What I want you to see in action is a “smart image resizer.” This exists now, thanks to Dr. Ariel Shamir, who now works for Adobe, and his technique known . . . [more]

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Crave, the Gadget Blog

I, Crave – Crave is’s gadget blog.

Crave says: “The name says it all. Crave is our blog about gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff.”

URL is

Hat Tip Crave for what’s below.

Here’s a current sampling, including information about Sony’s newest electronic book reader. I’ll consider an “EBR” when I can purchase one that smells like an old book in some antiquarian shop in some street with too long a name in Wales. Well … not really. I’ll compromise at Atticus Books so that I can feed the mind within a short walk of the Harbord Bakery . . . [more]

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Adobe Share

Adobe acquired Macromedia some time back, bringing Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and others under the same roof. Clearly they were headed for a broader market. It seems that they’re about to enter the web app contest now, planting their flag on the same fields as Google, MSN, Zoho and the rest. What interests me most is their online word processor, Buzzword, recently acquired from Virtual Ubiquity; reports are that it’s heads, if not heads and shoulders, above the competition; but alas it’s what I call a transpiring beta and I’ve only just now sent in my email request for an . . . [more]

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Law Firm Web Presence – Latest Links

My latest reading, listening and watching seems all to tie back to the law firm’s presence on the web. I’m sure others besides those in law firms will find this summary useful, too:

1. Law Firms Go a Bit Hollywood to Recruit the YouTube Generation , by Karen Donovan, New York Times, September 28, 2007. Interesting article highlighting some of the newer recruiting techniques. Link courtesy of Wendy R.!

2. Mentioned in the article above is Choate Hall & Steward LLP’s use of video for student and associate recruitment. Their videos playing off the “Apple vs. PC” commercials . . . [more]

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