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Is the Future of Legal Scholarship in the Blogosphere?

That is the question asked in an article published last week in the Legal Times.

It provides an overview of the increasing use of the legal blogosphere by tenured law professors to pursue legal scholarship:

“If you are looking for the future of legal scholarship, chances are that you may find it not in a treatise or the traditional law review but in a different form, profoundly influenced by the blogosphere (…) Who are the bloggers? The uninitiated might think they would be young professors, those who have grown up with the Internet and are comfortable with self-publication in

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5 Law Librarians Make Top Bibliobloggers List

The Online Education Database came up with a method to determine who the top library bloggers are.

The methodology took into account various measures such as Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Authority, and number of Bloglines subscribers.

These contests are always a bit “iffy” (see post questioning some of the criteria) but what the heck? Let’s pat ourselves on the back.

5 blogs featuring law librarians (including 2 Canucks who are Slawyers!) made the top 25 list:

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Open Source Cell Phones

I gave up my cell years ago after I got soaked for local calls while out of my home network. I think in the end I was charged at both ends of long distance from my location to my home network, and then from my home network to my location (4 long distance charges in total for on local call). Here’s a link to Michael Geist’s latest column in the Tyee, which outlines the issues around “locked” cell phones, and how Canadian law and policy stands at the moment. In the breach, there are a number of open source . . . [more]

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