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Justice Rothstein Welcomed to the Supreme Court of Canada

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Ottawa – March 1, 2006 – The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, welcomes the appointment by Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein to the Supreme Court of Canada. “Justice Rothstein brings to the Court superb experience, both as a lawyer and a judge, and he has a profound commitment to the rule of law,” said Chief Justice McLachlin. “I look forward to the contribution that this distinguished jurist will make to the work of the Court. And I . . . [more]

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Email, RSS and the Future

Many of us see blogs as just the first driver for everyone to be able to read syndicated feeds on their computers. The next major wave of syndication will be one-way business communications, some of them personalized.... If we're lucky, it will even be digitally signed, and possibly encrypted (although that will probably take years to get right).
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LLP and KM

The lead article in the February Canadian Lawyer Magazine is a piece by Philip Slayter...who, curiously, refers to himself in part as having been “a dean of a law faculty”: a bit on the generic side, I'd say, for a tiny place like Canada. The law school in question was the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario.
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ScanLII Project Update

By way of the CanLII listserv, Principal Editor Ivan Mokanov has just announced that the first two hundred Supreme Court of Canada decisions prior to 1985 have been digitized and published on the CanLII website.

If you surf to the SCC decisions page above, you can see that the years 1976 to 1984 have been fleshed out and are ready for more material. It’s good to see that while the decisions are scanned, they are also OCR’d and made available (and searchable) in full text format.

A great project, and very necessary… Encore CanLII, Encore!!! . . . [more]

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New Law Libraries

I’m going to what looks to be a fantastic ABA conference on law school facilities: “Bricks, Bytes and Continuous Renovation” in Seattle in late March. Its very timely for us as Osgoode is hoping to engage in a major renovation programme in the next couple of years, and the library will be a verybig part of that. My question for Slawyers – all of you use law libraries I’m thinking – use your imaginations and tell me what features you’ve always wanted to see in a library. I’ve got a lot of ideas of course but it would . . . [more]

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The Marshall Rothstein Pages

Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein of the Federal Court of Appeal has been nominated by Prime Minister Harper to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada. The Office of the Commissioner of Judicial Affairs has put together a website on Mr. Justice Rothstein that contains a good deal of information about the person and his professional work.

However, upon further examination of the website, we at Slaw felt it could and should be improved upon. Accordingly, we present:

The Marshall Rothstein Pages . . . [more]

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A Question, Mr. Justice

As all the world (nearby) likely knows by now, Mr. Justice Rothstein will attend at a meeting of an ad hoc committee made up of members of Parliament in order to answer their questions concerning… exactly what, we’re not yet sure. This will happen on Monday afternoon, February 27.

Here’s the deal: What question would you like the committee to pose to its guest?

Slawyers, write in over the weekend — via comments — with that all-important question, and we’ll do what we can on Monday morning to make them available to, well, all the world. Remember, only one question. . . . [more]

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Friday Ruminations …

Back to the serious business of law libraries. (Are you kidding? Late on a Friday afternoon?)

I’d like to take a few moments to commiserate (not to be mistaken for whining) with other librarians, particularly solos, who bravely bear their burdens alone.

Here’s my last couple of days (you’ve had days like this, too, I know)

I’m slugging my way through an uncommonly large backlog of information and research requests. I’m thinking that I might almost have it under control by the end of the week if I really work my butt off and sequester myself away. But then . . . [more]

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BCCLS ‘What’S New Blog’ Now RSS Enabled!

[Cross posted on the VLLB]

After our recent kudos for the BCCLS website, I’m happy to announce that they are now offering yet another hidden gem from the BC legal market, this time for your RSS reader!

I just received an email from Mandy Ostick, Virtual Library Manager at the BCCLS, announcing that the What’s New blog (& the source for news items on the BCCLS homepage) is now available via RSS. While the feed is becoming less and less of the story here (see also UBC’s recent announcement), what’s more important is the source . . . [more]

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What Will You Put on Your TV Show?

The last few years, with the rising number of television channels and the phenomenon of reality shows, I would jokingly tell my friends it was only a matter of time before we’d all have our own shows. Amusingly enough, I wasn’t that far off. It is, however, television in a different form–the video blog or video feed–that is quickly becoming the new alternative to mainstream broadcasting. Especially with the number of Video iPods that people purchased this past Christmas, this is definitely not something we can ignore. There are no limits to the number of channels when you select the . . . [more]

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“Lib-dating” in Belgium: Book Lovers May Become Just Lovers

If I were in the dating market, this would be more intriguing to me than some of the other options out there.

“Basically it’s speed-dating, but in a new setting—with books,” is how Belgian librarian Eric Van der Straeten describes the “lib-dating” service he created with fellow librarian Danny Theuwis that pairs readers in a comfortable setting—a library. The duo already have played matchmaker to numerous couples and are now training librarians from as many as 300 facilities to set up their own dating service. Theuwis told the AP he places flowers, candles, and wine on each table, and pairs

. . . [more]
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