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Some items of interest in today’s CBA’s PracticeLink:

On KM:
How to Build a Knowledge Management System: Manage Files Right, Right from the Start By Edward Poll

On RSS and Blogs:
New Media Marketing, Part I – Blogs: How Lawyers Can Become Thought Leaders in a Niche Market By Janet Ellen Raasch

New Media Marketing, Part II – How RSS Can Supercharge Your Legal Communications By Janet Ellen Raasch

…and they offer two poscasts and RSS feeds as well. . . . [more]

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Public Domain Registry

Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency and
Creative Commons Canada, in partnership with Creative Commons Corporation in the US, today announced the development of a Canadian public domain registry. The ground-breaking project – the most comprehensive of its kind in Canada – will create an online, globally searchable catalogue of published works that are in the Canadian public domain.
Access Copyright news release

The first stage of the project will produce a registry of  Canadian works, the second a  registry of works from elsewhere. We are told (without any sense of irony) that the registry will  be freely . . . [more]

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Broadband Meets Cellular – Part 2

I wrote about my adventures with the Bell EV-DO Wireless card in an earlier post. Having used this card for a couple of months, I have to tell you I am in no rush to give this up. This card has been a lifesaver in the car and on the road – including on campus.

I have found the speeds at which you access the Internet using this card to be more than acceptable. I even use it around the office when not at my desk and separated from a LAN port.

For the mobile / road warrior the . . . [more]

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RSS Feeds From Publishers, a Reprise, and Reducing Catalogue Production Costs

Two weeks ago in this space I did a survey of major Canadian legal publishers, only to discover no one has yet started using RSS feeds to supply updated information about their products. A question was posed, as to whether the only reason to create an RSS feed is to avoid spam filters that mass email messages might encounter.

While this is a solid reason to use RSS, I envision something a wee bit beyond just reading each feed in a personal aggregator such as Bloglines or Feedreader. I envision setting myself (or perhaps my library association members) up with . . . [more]

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Introducing Darlene Fichter

You might already be familiar with Darlene Fichter, but if you’re not, I think she’s someone you should know about. Since I’m the lone Saskatchewan Slaw contributor for the time being, I think it’s high time I promoted some local talent.

Several years ago, I attended an “Introduction to blogging workshop” at which Darlene presented. She is a front-runner in all things to do with libraries and technology. In fact, Darlene was one of Library Journal’s 2002 Movers & Shakers: The People Who Are Shaping the Future of Libraries.

Darlene Fichter is Data Library Coordinator at the University . . . [more]

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Other Posts by Author

I’ve long wanted to be able to let a reader of Slaw see all the posts by a particular author, and a number of you have asked me for this function. Until today, however, I couldn’t seem find the tool I needed. Now, as you’ll see if you look at the “post post” material, I’ve disovered what was needed.

I’ve got to do a bit of work on the styling of the Author Archive page, and that will happen in due course.

As always, let me know if you experience difficulties with this feature. . . . [more]

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Comments by Email

Slawyers will notice that I’ve added a way of subscribing to comments via email. There has been an RSS feed for comments for a while, but because some readers are more comfortable with email, I’ve added the new function.

The new subscription box is in the sidebar to the right. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties with it. . . . [more]

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Taxonomy 201

In my last post, I briefly described my pragmatic approach to taxonomy creation at our law firm. Of course, the comments were more interesting than the initial post – the key issue being whether someone like me should “share” my taxonomy with fellow SLAW participants.

There is precedent, at least in Toronto, for the collaborative development of legal material. For example, the “Toronto Opinion Group” meets monthly to share ideas (and even drafting) on common issues in third party legal opinion transactions.

It strikes me that Simon F identified the two key issues – does a firm perceive some competitive . . . [more]

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LEXIS and the Disappearance of Local Platforms

Slawyers will be interested in a report on the Australian Law Librarians Group website about issues relating to Lexis in that country and the disappearance of the local platform “Butterworths Online” in favour of a global platform. I refer in particular to this paragraph: “LexisNexis businesses in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Austria are currently working through a similar process of retiring their original, locally-developed online legal research platforms (where they existed) and moving their entire customer base and online legal content libraries to the same platform that you know as LexisNexis AU. In New Zealand . . . [more]

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Justice Rothstein Welcomed to the Supreme Court of Canada

From: News.Release.@Supreme.Court
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 1:50 PM
Subject: News release – Communiqué de presse

Ottawa – March 1, 2006 – The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, welcomes the appointment by Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein to the Supreme Court of Canada. “Justice Rothstein brings to the Court superb experience, both as a lawyer and a judge, and he has a profound commitment to the rule of law,” said Chief Justice McLachlin. “I look forward to the contribution that this distinguished jurist will make to the work of the Court. And I . . . [more]

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Email, RSS and the Future

Many of us see blogs as just the first driver for everyone to be able to read syndicated feeds on their computers. The next major wave of syndication will be one-way business communications, some of them personalized.... If we're lucky, it will even be digitally signed, and possibly encrypted (although that will probably take years to get right).
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LLP and KM

The lead article in the February Canadian Lawyer Magazine is a piece by Philip Slayter...who, curiously, refers to himself in part as having been “a dean of a law faculty”: a bit on the generic side, I'd say, for a tiny place like Canada. The law school in question was the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario.
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