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Yahoo! on a Web 2.0 Spending Spree

In its bid to compete in a Web 2.0 world, Yahoo! continues its spending spree. Over the weekend they purchased according to this blog post. Yahoo! recently also acquired my favourite photo host flickr. Thanks to Michael Casey for this tip from his blog LibraryCrunch.

[Is it my imagination, or has suddenly crashed? I can’t seem to get access right now. Probably from all of us gossip mongers trying to get onto the site!] . . . [more]

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Law Books and Development

What to do with core legal texts? One English charity has a good idea

Legal Profession and Publishing Industry Launch International Law Book Facility

The International Law Book Facility, a unique charitable and publishing industry initiative, has been launched by the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice John Thomas, Judge of the Court of Appeal and ILBF Trustee.

With the support of Book Aid International, this important new initiative has a simple goal: to provide printed core legal texts to legal professional bodies, pro bono groups and law schools involved in access to justice in common law jurisdictions of Africa, Asia and . . . [more]

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We Made the Top Twenty

Legal Blogs that is.
Google Directory ranks websites in particular topics by the number of hits they receive. Google Directory – Society Law Legal Information Weblogs
Our category may be rather small, but among the top twenty legal blogs, we made the top twenty – just, we came in at 19.
But we are the only non-American site in the top twenty.
That and ten cents of hope will keep us on the Infobahn . . . [more]

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Copyright, the Web and Access

Thanks to Larry Lessig for pointing out a great report from the Brennan Center on how web-based collaboration is being challenged by the misapplication of old print approaches to copyright. See Brennan Center on Fair Use.
As the Report’s Press Release states:

Misinterpretation of ‘Fair Use’ Stifles Free Expression
Artists, Writers and Bloggers Targeted for Using Copyrighted Material
New York, NY — Today, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law released a new report, “Will Fair Use Survive?” which documents the increasing number of artists, writers, bloggers and others who are unjustly targeted for using copyrighted or

. . . [more]
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Online Rights Canada

Online Rights Canada (ORC) is a grassroots organization that promotes the public’s interest in technology and information policy. We believe that Canadians should have a voice in copyright law, access to information, freedom from censorship, and other issues that we face in the digital world.
Online Rights Canada [Via beSpacific.]

. . . [more]
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Because It’s Friday…

Because it’s Friday, I thought I’d pass on a nifty expression I found in today’s Globe and Mail business section. “Fat finger flub” means a mistake with a keyboard, and fits perfectly my style when I’m hurrying.

Also seems topical to those of us east of the banana belt, given how annoying it is to try to do things with gloves on. Now a “mitten mistake” would be something of a different order… . . . [more]

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Topic Mapping

For some time I have wanted to take concept or topic mapping, into the computing sphere of legal research. Topic or concept mapping essentially means mapping our ideas and knowledge in a visual format, a boon for the visual learners out there. The tool I have been looking at is Grokker. Utilizing the free preview of Grokker I have run a search that illustrates how it works.

If you select the chaoulli search that I have linked to below, you will be taken to the Grokker search page. Once you have followed the link, select: Zoomable Map on the left . . . [more]

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