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The Friday Fillip

It’s getting on for summer and the will to be serious drains away pretty fast on Friday afternoons now. So this week it’s pure escapism that I espouse.

Try your hand at this online game, done in Flash. Though it’s called 3-D Logic, there’s little about it that uses the sort of logic we use in our workaday world.

I’m told that things get tough around level 16, though I can’t report that from my own experience, having only got to level… Well, never mind. . . . [more]

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International Marine Law – KR Con

For those of you interested in International Marine Law, which we are here at Dal, KR Con is a useful product from a somewhat unlikely source: The Korean Register of Shipping. KR Con contains a tree view of a significant number of international treaties and supplements related to Marine Law. The database can also be queried using conventional search strategies. Upon ordering you get online access to the database as well as a CD Rom product. . . . [more]

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FM10: Openness

FM10 Openness: Code, Science and Content is a conference, still underway, “convened by the journal First Monday , the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) University Library and the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology to celebrate First Monday’s tenth year of operation.

You can find links to upwards of 50 papers dealing with a wide variety of topics touching on open access and publishing. Some of the papers aren’t deposited with the site yet, but the abstracts are there and, presumably, the full text will arrive when ready.

Notice when you go to a page containing an . . . [more]

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Help With Court Abbreviations

This just in from “an avid reader of Slaw”:

I am in desperate need of some Slaw collective wisdom. Is there any comprehensive list of Canadian courts abbreviations used in neutral citation. The standard on Lexum’s website list are suggestions (which have been adopted by those courts), but I am looking for a complete list. Australia and England provide comprehensive lists for their court abbreviations for neutral citation. (It is also weird that there is no
updated information as to which courts have adopted neutral citation and which have not.)

C’mon gang. Avid readers deserve help. . . . [more]

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100 Best Tech Products of the Year

The May 31st post on PC World online has an intriguing article: 100 Best Products of the Year (for the July 2006 issue). Powerful computers, handy services, tiny utilities, mammoth HDTVs: the editors’ top picks include all these and a whole lot more. Plus: the 25 worst tech products of all time. You can browse them in numerical or alphabetical order. Even techno idiots like me can enjoy the run-down and advice! There’s even a live chat scheduled for June 6th on the list. Dig in and enjoy the feast. . . . [more]

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Supreme Court Has Relaunched Its Website

This press release from the Supreme Court of Canada just came across my desktop:

OTTAWA, 2006-05-31.

The LexUM site, where the Court’s decisions, news releases and bulletins are posted, has been completely reorganized to make it even easier to consult those documents. The new site was launched on May 23, 2006.

The new address is We recommend that you update your bookmarks/favourites.

Users who go to the old site’s address will be automatically redirected to the new site. Users who have bookmarked decisions will be informed that the site has moved and will be automatically redirected to the

. . . [more]
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National Institution Reopens

The Library of Parliament in Ottawa, which has been undergoing four years of extensive restoration, rehabilitation and upgrading, finally reopened today. See the press release. According to news reports, books and staff are just now about to move back in. See also the CBC News article and audio/video report by James Cudmore for CBC-TV [run time 2:18; requires RealPlayer].

The public will have its first peak at the changes on June 3 and 4 during Doors Open Ottawa. Regular Parliament Building tours will again include the Library starting June 5.

The Library of Parliament was opened in . . . [more]

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Current Cites

There are few things in this version of Current Cites that might interest Slawyers:

M. Moffatt, “Marketing’ with Metadata – How Metadata Can Increase Exposure and Visibility of Online Content”
This isn’t quite as commercial as it sounds and so might not be the tool to get the firm to buy into the metadata markup thing. Still, might be useful. “Simple explanations on how to expose metadata via harvesting, distributed searching, and syndication (i.e., RSS) are covered.”
M. Breeding, “Web Services and the Service-Oriented Architecture”
Part of the Web 2.0 picture. “Thankfully, ALA nabbed someone with impeccable credentials and the
. . . [more]
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Law Blogger Is Outstanding Young Canadian!

Congratulations to David Fraser, recipient of the 2006 Outstanding Young Canadian Award in the category of Leadership, given by the Junior Chamber of Commerce International, Halifax Chapter.

David, as many of you know, is one of Canada’s most dedicated law bloggers, and is a great example of how blogs should be used to develop a lawyer’s online profile. In his post responding to this award, titled I’d like to thank the academy. And my blog…, David describes some of the perks that have come with the blogger territory – notably, speaking invitations and high profile articles. David’s . . . [more]

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Pepper v. Hart

I received a flyer last week from BIALL (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians) announcing a course on “Parliamentary Debates on Legislation: how to do ‘Pepper v. Hart’ research.

The session will be taught by Guy Holborn, of Lincoln Inn’s Library, and the flyer indicates it will cover the following three topics:

• Background on statutory interpretation, the rule in Pepper v Hart (1993 HL) that allows citation of Hansard in court, and developments since it was decided in 1992.
• Parliamentary procedure, including recent developments affecting Pepper v Hart research.
• Bills, Hansard and other parliamentary materials: how . . . [more]

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