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Third Pacific Legal Technology Conference

Well I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t blogged from sunny Vancouver last week, and then I encountered some great posts from Emma Wood covering a couple of my sessions on research and presentations for settlement. Together with Dan Pinnington of Practice Pro fame
and Catherine Sanders ReachWho co-wrote the great study on the feasibility of the digital library for private law firms.

Mind you it’s sobering to have your casual thoughts blogged back at you. . . . [more]

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I Still Don’t Like Suites

I used to get frustrated that I was forced to use MS Excel because I bought the Microsoft Office Suite. I always liked Quattro Pro, and really wanted to mix-n-match my application software… As you can guess, that approach didn’t work out too well for me. There were simply too many features that could be had when they put those products together, and that ‘combined synergy’ was vastly superior to my personal selection plan approach.

Now we’re seeing the same thing happen with the soon to be released web-tool suites — the Google Docs of the world. And I find . . . [more]

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Michael Lines Joins UVic

I am pleased to inform SLAWers that Michael Lines, a frequent contributor to this blog, will be joining the Priestly Law Library at the University of Victoria as the new “Faculty and Student” services law librarian in mid-December. I’m sure you will agree with me that Michael will be a tremendous addition to the library and to the UVic Law School. I’m sure he will contine you to contribute to SLAW and I have already volunteered him to help out with the ACCESS 2007 conference in Victoria. . . . [more]

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$18,300,000,000 Market for Legal Information

I thought I’d typed the wrong number of zeroes, but yes the $18 billion plus place taken by the big three providers in the market for legal information is predicted to expand by 6.3% next year.

The “Big Three” — Thomson Legal & Regulatory, Wolters Kluwer, and LexisNexis (Reed Elsevier) — dominate this segment with a combined market share of 59.1 percent.

Outsell is predicting that the Big Three will keep expanding by acquiring more companies in the legal technology space. In addition, the LTR segment will experience more international acquisitions and joint ventures as publishers seek stronger footholds . . . [more]

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Chinese Law Students Take Up Golf

Today’s International Herald Tribune reports that Xiamen University in China is requiring law and business students to take up golf, to “prepare them for a business world where deals are made on the golf course”. Apparently golf lessons are available at other universities byut Xiamen is the first to make them compulsory. Its interesting to speculate on the reaction if a Canadian law school attempted the same thing. Contract, Tort, Legal Research and Golf 101. How would credit be awarded? Think of the need to store golf bags – and the difficulty of moving through corridors filled with students lugging . . . [more]

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World Domination Through Google’s Extra Services

A neat post over at Pandia Search CentralI hadn’t encountered Pandia before – a rival to Search Engine Watch (it looks like). joins the dots together surrounding Google Docs (once known as Writely): it joins

* Google search
* Gmail
* The Google Calendar
* Docs & Spreadsheets
* Google Groups

The blogger says that “this is for all practical purposes an Office package”.

Click on “all my services” and links to the following is revealed:

* Alerts (Google’s email alert service)
* Base (Google’s online database tool)
* orkut (Google’s online community site)
* Page Creator (a web page . . . [more]

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Divulgation D’informations Financières Avec Son Blogue: Minute!

La semaine passée, Jonathan Shwartz, CEO de l’entreprise Sun Microsystems, a fait une demande auprès de la SEC pour autoriser l’usage de son blogue pour divulguer de l’information financière. Les blogues c’est bien mais, minute, il me semble que l’on ne pas tout faire avec les technologies de l’information, et ce, quelque soit leur efficacité. Comme disait le général De Gaulle, « Bien entendu, on peut sauter sur sa chaise comme un cabri en disant l’Europe ! l’Europe ! l’Europe ! ». Pareillement, on peut vouloir de l’électronique, de l’électronique, de l’électronique.

Depuis quelques années en effet, il est . . . [more]

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Identity on the Web

Just a heads up that according to this morning’s feeds, Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner will be making a major statement on Wednesday about mandating web identity protection.

Cavoukian will hold a news conference in Toronto on Wednesday to outline what could, and should, be done to foster the development of a universal identity system.

Watch this post: we’ll give you the details as soon as they’re available. . . . [more]

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Advanced Search

All good things come in threes. (Or sevens, or twelves, or…) So it is with administrative announcements. You’ve heard about the amazing change in RSS feeds. You’ve read about the exciting switch in comment spam filters. Now have a crack at Slaw’s fantastic new advanced search capabilities!

The link you’ve been longing for is just under the stuffy old search box. One click an you’re into a page of querious delight, with well over 50 — count ’em, 50! — check boxes and radio buttons to afford you hours of innocent amusement. But in our rush down the page let’s . . . [more]

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A Change in Comment Spam Filters

We’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, the application that drives Slaw. As a result, we’re able to use the Akismet spam filter, which might make life easier for people who want to leave legitimate comments on this site. I’ve deactivated the old filter and turned on Akismet. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties or if your comment somehow disappears into the ether. I’ll try to fix things. . . . [more]

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Slaw RSS and Feedburner

I’ve installed a plugin that should send all of your requests for RSS feeds via Feedburner, so that we can get some idea of how many of our readers make use of that way of getting Slaw. The flow of feeds should be uninterrupted for our current subscribers, but if for any reason your Slaw RSS feed stops or is somehow messed up, please let me know right away, describing the problem as well as you can. I don’t anticipate difficulty, of course; but… . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

Ever feel like one of these people? If so, it’s probably because it is still a paper world, despite IT. Those who till the hard soil of law have more reason to know this than most. So come the end of the week, when you’re still hanging in there, it can be refreshing to see that there are other things to do with paper than to cover them with texts.

English artist Peter Callesen makes cutouts. Only unlike those sidewalk artists that crowd the tourist spots who’ll do your silhouette for a few bucks, he’s really good — and . . . [more]

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