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iPad Apps – Happy Holiday Shopping

In the spirit of the season, here are some iPad apps of possible interest to SLAW readers:

  • Dragon Dictation: I am excited to "train" this new version of Dragon Dictation for the iPad but have been too busy to do so. I have heard good things. I remember trying version 1 of Dragon Dictation on what I think back then was a 486 computer. One assumes this new version will work more smoothly.
  • UTL Mobile App: Perhaps of more interest to those in the Toronto area is the free University of Toronto mobile app, which allows for searching
. . . [more]
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Canadian Newspapers on the iPad

News junkies unite! Postmedia has made the daily newspapers for 10 larger Canadian cities available on the iPad!

And for now, they’re free. :) It’s also interesting to note, they’ve jumped right over typical first step of creating an iPhone app. . . . [more]

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iPad iOS 4.2 Software Update

I am relatively pleased with having updated my iPad last night to the newest version of their operating software, being iOS 4.2.

The much-talked-about update provides folders for apps, integrated email accounts, keyword searching within a Safari browser when on a webpage, the ability to have multiple apps open at the same time plus other features that may prove promising in the future (including AirPrint, currently limited to selected HP printers with that feature).

All in all, it was about a 30 minute process, with it taking longer to sort apps into appropriate folders.

What was not immediately stated . . . [more]

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Update: iPad for Lawyers – Not Just a Toy

An earlier SLAW post by me commented on the fun aspects of the iPad.

Since then, in addition to my personal Gmail email, I have added my work email to the iPad email client, along with syncing my work Calendar and Contacts, and now regard the iPad as a true BlackBerry replacement (to the point on my recent work trip to the United States I left my laptop and BlackBerry at home, making do quite nicely with only the iPad, relying on WiFi at the hotel and conference centre and using the Skype app for when I needed a . . . [more]

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Editable Google Docs Coming to the iPad

According to the Official Google Blog:

Second, today we demonstrated new mobile editing capabilities for Google Docs on the Android platform and the iPad. In the next few weeks, co-workers around the world will soon be able to co-edit files simultaneously from an even wider array of devices.

This is good news for iPad owners who will no longer need to buy an app to edit Google Docs. (Not to mention making a number of iPad-owning SLAW contributors very happy.) . . . [more]

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U.S. Law School Pilots iPad Program

Monterey College of Law in California is partnering with BARBRI, a law exam review/prep provider, to bring iPads to students in their first year law program this season. Students in their law school program tend to be older (average age 38), and the iPad is meant to help them better keep up with readings and study for bar exams.

From the August 25/10 article in Campus Technology:

“Many of our law students work the equivalent of three jobs. Between law school, work, and family, it is a constant challenge for them to set aside enough time during the

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Ebooks vs Paperbacks, Kindles vs iPads

Two interesting topics have come up in recent days; both of which seem connected. The first is Amazon’s prediction that ebook sales will overtake paperback sales by the end of 2011. Not entirely surprising, considering they’re already outselling hardcovers (“180 e-books for every 100 hardcovers”). And on it goes: paperback sales are eclipsed, ebooks will then be compared to the combined sales, paper becomes the minority, and so on. I think we all know the trend.

So if the market’s future is digital, what exactly do we want from the experience? The answer to this question depends a lot . . . [more]

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iPad for Law? How About iPad for Fun!

Although I was going to blog at some point on using the iPad for legal work (e.g., including the useful tip to use the “two finger swipe technique” to properly scroll pages when using the Safari browser on iPad when searching Westlaw or Lexis – see video here for the technique, which works), the reality is that the iPad has been for me an entertainment device.

While I was successfully able to use the iPad in place of a laptop on a recent 1-week business/pleasure trip (with the business-side of things largely being checking email, taking notes and doing some . . . [more]

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iPad as a Business Tool

I thought for my first post on the shiny new Slaw format, I should talk about a shiny new object. Over a million iPads have been sold so far. Many comments about the iPad can be found on Slaw, including my thoughts that the iPad will be the disruptive tipping point that will define the category. This kind of device will fundamentally change how we consume information.

Several competing products are expected to be on the market within the next few months, some of which will address some of the iPad’s missing features. Of course, fans will say that the . . . [more]

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iPad Is a Terrific E-Gadget

To continue our ebook reader discussions, I’ll throw in some recent comments. For the past few months, I have been very interested in purchasing an ebook reader…certainly not urgent but I’ve investigated the Kindle, B&N Nook and now the ipad. Each reader seems to have its pluses and minuses. Although I was not ready to pick one yet, I recently received an ipad as a birthday present. I was delighted though not convinced I would have bought one myself. I have to admit I love my ipad. I’m reading a book on it, however I now do most of my . . . [more]

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iPads for Lawyers: New Blog – iPad4Legal

Colleague and fellow blogger Patrick DiDomenico has started a blog called iPad4Legal that is further whetting my appetite for an iPad. He describes his new blog in these terms:

iPad4Legal is a blog about iPads as they pertain to lawyers, law firms, and the legal profession. We may occasionally stray and discuss iPhones or other Apple products since the technologies often overlap.

Another colleague described iPad as good for content consumers (which I am) but perhaps less so for content creators (which would be perhaps disappointing but something I suspect Apple would improve upon). The obvious interest will be in . . . [more]

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