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The Collective Noun Contest – the Prize

Somewhere, stored in the Slaw archive, amidst the collected wisdom of this congregation, is the thread listing new collective nouns for groups within the legal profession.

Actually, it’s here.

Anyway, so that the contest doesn’t run interminably – and to kick start it – John and I are now able to announce the prize. It will be awarded two weeks, hence, as part of that day’s fillip, Simon F willing.

What’s below are paragraphs from e-mail exchanges between us setting out how we arrived at the prize, and what it will be. All explicit identifiers have been removed to protect . . . [more]

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Delightful Diary Based on Diagrams

I had missed last week’s BBC Magazine which starts a Blog column based upon hand-drawn diagrams like this:

It’s described (somewhat pedestrianly) as

a neat analysis of modern life, all incorporated into that underused medium of index cards, the type of which one would have found in the pre-computer school library.

The original site is well worth finding.

Here is another image:

Whimsy for a Friday, even if it’s not the Fillip . . . [more]

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The Web Is an Instrument

The question often comes up whether we are losing our ability to think in a complex, in-depth manner with the gradual shift to electronic sources. As we try to balance paper and electronic formats for legal research tools, it is something we do need to consider. This seems to be an underlying idea in some of the comments that have come up from Michael Line’s post about the legal research training tools being developed in B.C. earlier this week.

Since Simon Fodden is professing his love for information, I will state the equally obvious and tell you that: I . . . [more]

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The Battle of the Brands – Smiley Smile

This in the nature of a Phriday Phillipic since the regular Friday Fillip is in the hands of the other Simon …
But thanks to Laurel Murdoch for Smiley SmileNot that Smiley Smile litigation., a delicious bit of IP litigation, that made the NYT today.

Harvey Ball claims to have been the creator of the smiley face. The story goes that the merger of the State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, MA (now known as Allmerica Financial) with Guarantee Mutual Company of Ohio crushed employee morale.

So nobly, Harvey Ball, freelance artist, was asked to create a . . . [more]

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Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed. A yellow dressinggown, ungirdled, was sustained gently behind him by the mild morning air…

This is definitely not the Friday Fillip. It is, however, a reminder that today is Bloomsday, the day when we celebrate the fact that Leopold Bloom meandered through Dublin on June 16, 1904, James Joyce at his heels recording it all for posterity in Ulysses.

We’re lucky in Canada that works published during Joyce’s lifetime, as was Ulysses, are now in the public . . . [more]

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