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The Friday Fillip

I have a quintet for you today, five easy — and small — pieces, the first of which, fittingly, is Five Easy Pieces. There’s the 1970 movie, of course, made famous by the chicken salad sandwich scene. The title comes from an opening scene not actually used in the movie, in which, in the words of the script, there’s a:

CLOSE-UP of a program announcing a Dupea family
recital. The CAMERA SCANS down the bill . . .

The CAMERA COMES to rest on:
Five Easy Pieces – Grebner – Played by Robert Dupea.

But Grebner is fictitious. . . . [more]

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India Code

India Code makes current versions of Indian Acts available for free:

India Code the India Code Information System contains all Central Acts of Parliament right from 1836 onwards. Each Act includes: Short Title, Enactment Date, Sections, Schedule and also Foot notes.

The Acts can be searched by “Short Title, Act Number, Act Year, Act Objective, Full Act Text, and FreeText Search.” The interface requires double clicks, and the results are not in a perfect form (click “download full act for best results), but the coverage is impressive (1834-2010), and on the left sidebar there are a couple useful tools, including . . . [more]

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The Internet as a Fundamental Right?

Mobility, Equality, Internet, Language? Which of these doesn’t fit? According to a recent BBC survey all of them fit. A sizable majority of nearly 28,000 respondents from 26 countries (79%) indicated that they feel that the Internet is a fundamental human right, BBC story. The data from the survey of 26 countries has other interesting results. The three countries who had the highest percentage who believed the internet was a fundamental right were: South Korea (96%), Mexico (94%), and China (87%). In Canada 77% of respondents felt that the internet should be a fundamental right of all people, while . . . [more]

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BC Law Watch

I’d like to share a new website launched yesterday in the BC market by Dye & Durham: The BC Law Watch Blog.

The approach with this website is very focused on news within the BC legal community – from local associations, to government agencies, the LSBC, Law Foundation and the BC Courts, to name a few. And for those interested, I posted some additional comments on the monitoring tactics we’re using in a VLLB post yesterday.

Please drop by and have a look. . . . [more]

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Morrison Foerster Moves Library to Marketing Department

Over on 3 Geeks and a Law Library, Greg Lambert makes note that yesterday at the Law Marketing Association conference, Joe Calve, the new CMO of Morrison Foerster mentioned he had moved their Library department into the Marketing department. Lambert questions the change, but does say, “From what I’m hearing from the Librarians at MoFo, they are excited about the change and are looking forward to the transition.” MoFo is known for doing things a bit differently than everyone else, after all.

I do think it odd, but perhaps no odder than having the Library report to IT as in . . . [more]

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Lawyers and Their Clients’ Values

A couple of days ago, the New York Times feature “Room for Debate” began commentary (“Attacking Lawyers From the Right and Left“) on a story involving a group called Keep America Safe. (I hate the power we give to “proper nouns,” letting them force us to say words that we’d never otherwise utter. But that’s another story.) This excerpt from their “about” page will give you the flavour:

The United States remains a nation at war. We face a growing threat from rogue regimes that seek or have already obtained nuclear weapons. America’s interests are

. . . [more]
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Another Attempt to Lay Criminal Charges in Workplace Fatality

A recent case has tested Bill C-45, the amendment to the Criminal Code that attached criminal responsibility to an organization or corporation for negligence related to health and safety in the workplace, and broadened the range of individuals who are subject to charges under the Code. Since the inception of Bill C-45 on March 31, 2004, charges have been laid in just four cases, and only one resulted in a conviction. As a result, many are wondering if the enforcement of such provisions is even possible.

Moreover, Bill C-45 added Section 217.1 to the Criminal Code to impose a duty . . . [more]

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Slaw Retweets 14/02-10/03/10

Here’s a selection from the last few weeks of tweets that I and others think might interest those who don’t use Twitter or who don’t follow the authors of these tweets.The source is shown by the @xxxx at the end of the retweet. If none appears, it’s because I’m the source.

If you are on Twitter and read or publish something that you think we should re-broadcast here, simply include the hash tag #slawca in the tweet or retweet. If you’ve published something on Slaw, there’s no need to use that hashtag on Twitter: all it does is bring to . . . [more]

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Law Librarians Can Prove Their Value Through Training

The January/February 2010 Law Librarians newsletter put out by legal publisher Westlaw has published an article entitled Law Firm Economics and the Librarian—Bring Value Through Training. The lessons can apply beyond the context of private law firm libraries:

“Bring value through training. That was one message that came through loud and clear recently in ‘Succeed in the New Law Firm Library Reality—Learn the Business Side of the Firm’, a webinar hosted by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) and the informal group of law library managers of the Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, D.C. (LLSDC) (…)

“So how

. . . [more]
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Yosie Saint-Cyr

We’re pleased indeed to announce that Yosie Saint-Cyr has joined Slaw as a regular contributor. Yosie was called to the Quebec bar in 1988, where she practised employment and labour law until 1999. For over 10 years Yosie has been the Managing Editor of the Human Resources and Compliance Collection from First Reference and she is the managing editor of the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) of Ontario’s monthly member e-newsletter ELAW. She is one of Canada’s best-known and most-respected HR authors, with an extensive background in employment and labour law across the country.

Yosie can also be found on . . . [more]

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North Face vs. South Butt

I don’t make a habit of posting my newspaper articles here – but this one has received more than normal attention on my own blog, so thought it might be worthwhile posting it here as well. Its on my blog, and on Canoe

I can’t post it here in full for contractual reasons – but the gist is that a 19 year old student has been sued by the North Face clothing company over his South Butt clothes that mock North Face fleece jackets worn by the popular crowd at his school.

In response to North Face’s tagline, “Never . . . [more]

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Conference on Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Relations

The Canadian Bar Association’s National International Law Section and the National Continuing Education Committee are presenting the 2010 International Law conference on “The Future of Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Relations” on May 6-7 in Vancouver.

The conference program (available in PDF) lists the following plenary events and breakout sessions:

  • Legal Lessons in Inter-Jurisdictional Relations from the 2010 Olympics Games
  • Cross Border Regulation and Trade
  • Labour Movement and Human Trafficking into the Pacific North West
  • Corporate Complicity in International Human Rights Abuse – The Search for Effective Remedies (dinner keynote – speaker: Justice Ian Binnie)
  • TILMA, AIT, NAFTA, and WTO: Integration
. . . [more]
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