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Changes to Sources on Quicklaw to Be Identified

While I was at the CALL conference in May, Luc Meloche was very kind to introduce me to Stephanie Parisien, Manager, Customer Support for QL. I raised this issue to Stephanie.

Essentially, I had noticed a few changes had taken place to Sources on Quicklaw from August of last year to winter of this year. (I had named specific sources in a presentation in September that were no longer there by the same name in February). For example, in some cases Sources were renamed, and in other cases Sources were removed entirely (I suspected).

I asked Stephanie if it might . . . [more]

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Link Potpourri

Too many cool things to blog about, and not enough time to review properly.

. . . [more]
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Letter to Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Attorney General for Ontario

John DiMarco
CIO, Justice Cluster
Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario
Suite 300
21 College St
Toronto ON M5G2B3

Dear Sir,

My name is Annette Demers and I am a Reference Librarian at the Paul Martin Law Library at the University of Windsor. I am writing to you today to mention a gap in your publications that I think you should be aware of.

As you know, the various tables which assist users in finding legislative information, which were published in the back of volume 2 of the annual Statutes of Ontario until the end of 2001, have now . . . [more]

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Scholar’s Addendum

Science Commons, a project of (U.S.) Creative Commons, now has a simple “wizard” to enable scholars to print out an addendum for attachment to a publisher’s copyright agreement reserving for the scholar various rights, depending on what boxes are ticked in the wizard. I’ve done a sample and reproduce the text below. (A properly formatted PDF version is available.) . . . [more]

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Yes, this is simply a post to ooh and aah over the iPhone, which, we learn from Apple, will be available June 29 (and of which they claim they’ll make and sell 10,000,000 in the first year!) in the U.S. But not here in Canada. Sigh.

Watch the ads on Apple’s site. There are three of them that demo the iPhone’s capabilities. Like John Gruber of Daring Fireball, I prefer “calamari,” in which we see someone watch a movie, decide to order calamari, find a nearby place and phone in the order all with 8 taps on the . . . [more]

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Well, not exactly. “Lifelogging” in fact, as described in an article in The New Yorker (“Remember This,” by Alec Wilkinson). Gordon Bell, a 72-year-old computer engineer, who was in at the beginning of computer networks and the internet and who now works on the lifelogging project for Microsoft, is aiming to record the minutiae of his life. All of them. The Microsoft “SenseCam” hung around his neck uses infrared sensing to know when he encounters another person and promptly snaps a pic of him or her; it also takes a photo when it senses that lighting conditions have . . . [more]

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Rob Hyndman Talks About Mesh

This week saw the second Mesh conference–billed as “Canada’s web conference”–come to fruition. The two days were jam-packed full of fantastic speakers, but the real highlight was the conversations taking place between attendees in the hallways. Fortunately lots of time was given between each session to give people space for people to connect, share and–yes–mesh.

Mesh was envisioned by five prominent guys involved in various aspects of the Canadian new media industry just over a year ago, and the first one took place last May. Congratulations to lawyer Rob Hyndman, who will ever more be known as “one . . . [more]

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How Heavy Is the Internet?

A recent piece in Discover Magazine sets out to weigh the Internet.

How heavy is information? Most of us know that computers represent all types of information–e-mails, documents, video clips, Web pages, everything–as streams of binary digits, 1s and 0s. These digits are mathematical entities, but they are also tangible ones: They are embodied and manipulated as voltages in electronic circuits. Therefore, every bit of data must have some mass, albeit minuscule. This prompted DISCOVER to ask the question: How much would all the data sent through the Internet on an average day weigh?

Okay Slaw readers. Write down now . . . [more]

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Chief Justice Winkler

Appointment of Chief Justice of Ontario announced
1 June 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the appointment of The Honourable Mr. Justice Warren K. Winkler, Regional Senior Judge of the Superior Court of Justice in and for the Province of Ontario for the Toronto Region, is appointed Chief Justice of Ontario. He replaces the Honourable Chief Justice R. McMurtry who retired May 31, 2007. . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

Coming to you today from lovely downtown Halifax… Which means I’m too distracted by the local charms to get into an extended fillip today, which might be a blessing for some, I guess. At any rate, I’ll simply point you to Google Street View, a new feature imposed on Google Maps (hat tip to beSpacific) where you’ll find a video featuring a Google engineer dressed up in a body suit and required to act out a hokey tutorial. Only available in the few spots in the U.S. where you see the camera icon on the accompanying graphic, Street . . . [more]

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