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Doing Battle With Your ISP

It started with the new laptop – the one with the network analyst who started telling me every time I lost my internet connection. I knew I had an issue with “dropped connections” but I did my best to ignore the issue. Once I started to count the number of pop-ups from the network analyst, however, it became clear it was time for action.

The first few calls to tech support were not helpful. They assured me that, at the moment we were speaking, I had a good connection – so it became a battle to see if I could . . . [more]

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Bar Exams and Law School Courses

Freakonomics Blog (which I read less and less now that the RSS feed serves up only excerpts, thanks to the NY Times) points me to a paper accepted for publication in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Legal Education. Douglas Rush and Hisako Matsuo examine ((

Does Law School Curriculum Affect Bar Examination Passage? An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Which Were Related to Bar Examination Passage between 2001 and 2006 at a Midwestern Law School , full paper available in PDF

))whether success or failure on the Missouri bar exam is correlated to the courses taken by a . . . [more]

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New Blog From HeinOnline

The folks at William S. Hein have launched a new blog talking about their popular web-based service HeinOnline. The blog is called, appropriately enough, HeinOnline Weblog, and can be found at

Hein have been very good at sending out updates to customers via email; however, for new subscribers or non-subscribers, there is no access to previous messages. Now they seem to be posting these notes to this blog for everyone, which will be helpful. Also, subscribers won’t have to save up past messages. . . . [more]

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Playing the Law School Ranking Game

Maclean’s has released its first ranking of Canadian law schools. The magazine’s choices for the top law faculties I’ll leave till later in this post, because there are rather more interesting things going on here.

Let’s first look at the methodology. The schools are ranked equally on faculty quality (50%) and graduate quality (50%), the latter broken down into elite firm hiring (25%), national reach (15%) and Supreme Court clerkships (10%). Here’s the ranking’s director, Professor Brian Leiter of the University of Texas at Austin Faculty of Law, speaking about the breakdowns: . . . [more]

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No Apocalypse Yet

A great deal has been written both here and elsewhere about the future of publishing in general, and book publishing in particular. And while there are probably as many different prognostications as there are prognosticators, my impression is that a solid majority of those who have commented on these things are in agreement that the publishing industry, as we know it, will soon become a thing of the past. According to a recent piece by novelist Jon Evans in The Walrus, ((Jon Evans, “Apocalypse Soon: The Future of Reading,” The Walrus 4:7 (September, 2007) 38.)) which Neil Campbell cited . . . [more]

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Monday, Monday

In requiem:

Monday Monday, can’t trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way.
Mamas & Papas, Monday, Monday (c) John Phillips

I read, somewhere, recently, some figures about the number of blogs that start and die. Perhaps it was here. Perhaps it was elsewhere. No matter. The figures aren’t the point. Some blogs are still born. Some survive. Some, star-like, nova brightly and then fade in quiesence, perhaps to be reborn in the next cycle.

We all have other blogs we visit, and read, for any number of purposes. Today, I mention and rue the passing, . . . [more]

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N.Y. Times Double-Click

Noticed for the first time… only six months or so late:

The New York Times introduced an online feature some six months or more ago whereby if you double-click on any word a window pops up to offer you various reference works’ take on the word. Thus, from an article in today’s Times, a double-click on “nursing” (you must be in the article and not just on the front page of the site) gives a dictionary definition and one from a medical dictionary as well. “Florida” gives a dictionary entry, and entries from the NYT Guide . . . [more]

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LawMatters – at Your Local Public Library

The BC Courthouse Library and public libraries in BC have teamed up to offer the public access to legal information. According to the notice, LawMatters is

the new public library legal resources project that will provide all British Columbian residents with local access to basic legal information.

The initiative is supported by the Law Foundation of British Columbia. It involves the branch courthouse libraries supporting local public library systems to deliver the info, as well as helping PLE publishers get distribution to libraries. This is a great development, and in line with the other ways BC is supporting public . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

The fillip’s a little earnest today, inasmuch as it actually involves the word insasmuch and, more to the point, deals with a research tool.

But it’s kind of a fun one. Felix Nyffenegger has created a mind map way of approaching topics in Wikipedia. WikiMindMap works via a simple search function: you enter the term you would like dealt with in Wikipedia (in any of a number of languages) and get a set of topic heads linked visually to your search term. Based on the browser that drives Freemind, this tool shows you which topics are expandable and which lead . . . [more]

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TIFF, the word was all over the Canadian media a week or so ago. For those of us that are technically inclined we might have wondered; at first glance, why our media of choice suddenly got so interested in a computer image format. Once we removed the indents of our keyboards from our fingers, we realized that the ubiquitous TIFF, was the Toronto International Film Festival. Alas, TIFF is not the only “FF” around, in these parts TIFF is merely the signal that the Atlantic Film Festival is about to start(AFF?). So with all the FF talk around . . . [more]

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