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Currently Listed Entitites

I stumbled across a page on the PSEPC website…

(A prize for knowing what that collection of letters stands for…. I’m sorry, your time is up. The answer is Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. What were they thinking of when they whipped up this sobriquet? How might one say it? Pusaprec? Time to send it back to the Official Government Department and Agency Naming and Labeling Taskforce.)

… that lists all of the, well, “currently listed entities.” What that means, of course, is groups identified by the government as terrorist organizations.

The usual suspects are there, each . . . [more]

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Governor General Michaelle Jean Is Now Blogging

Shel Israel, one of the authors of the book and blog Naked Conversations, has written a post about Government Blogging in which he mentions he was in Canada last week and noted that Canada’s Governor General Michaelle Jean had started blogging!

Surprised to read this, I had a quick look at the GG website, and indeed found a new site called Citizen Voices/Ecoute des citoyens on the domain. There is a blog by the GG, forums, news, and even a space for regularly scheduled chats with the GG herself! Q & A from the first chat on . . . [more]

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Why Students Like Google Better Than Our Databases

Rory Litwin at Library Juice directs the following to academic librarians:

We tell our students to go to our databases for articles that are “scholarly and reliable,” but we don’t often tell them that most of the articles they will find there, in addition to being scholarly and reliable, are not really intended for an undergraduate audience. These journal articles are mostly narrowly defined studies intended for an audience of scholars who are advancing their fields at the highest levels of learning. Our students can’t even understand the titles of half of these articles.

Often our undergrads need to read

. . . [more]
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Additional FireFox Plugins for the Cornell LII Site

Robert Ambrogi’s Lawsites makes mention here of five FireFox plugins available at the Cornell Legal Information Institute Website that pop open search engines for easy searches of various parts of that site.

This further to Simon Fodden’s efforts here on SLAW (with, I think, help from SLAW readers) on the FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explore search plugins available on the SLAW Resources page to search the Canadian Legal Information Institute website. . . . [more]

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The Ongoing Struggle of Free vs. Fee

Elisabeth Osmeloski, managing editor at Search Engine Watch , writes in Part I of a two part article:

Does information really want to be free? If so, how can traditional information publishers and aggregators deal with shifting value propositions and revenue models of premium content and survive in the era of free web content?

She comments on a report from the fall conference of the Association of Information and Dissemination Centers ( which …

faces multiple challenges as its members struggle to adapt traditional information retrieval methods and legacy systems to the new business models arising with

. . . [more]
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Your Intranet Doesn’t Look Anything Like My Intranet!

Deane at Gadgetopia has an interesting post about intranets . She writes:

There are three types of intranets. They’re very different, and when someone thinks “intranet,” they’re no doubt thinking of one of the three types. Intranets can overlap from one type to another, but they tend to fall along these lines:

1. The collaboration platform
2. The internal Web site
3. The distributed intranet

When discussing an intranet with a client or within your own organization, you need to first figure out what people think when the word “intranet” comes up.

Semantics. Is it a regular issue with you, . . . [more]

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Finders Keepers

It makes an old property law teacher’s heart beat faster to read the Globe and Mail story about Mr. Thomas and the mysterious $18,000 that arrived in his mailbox by mistake one day.

So Mr. Thomas took the booty to the police to have them hold it and look for the rightful owner.

(“Marge, have you seen that 18 grand we had on the kitchen table? I seem to have misplaced it.” “Sorry honey, have you looked in the garage? You were out there fixing the shelves yesterday. Maybe it wound up in that jar of nails you insist on . . . [more]

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Lakehead University has approved a law school in principal, and has sent proposals to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Law Society of Upper Canada; the proposal details a small school, with 30 students to start class in 2008.

The story is in Thunder Bay’s Chronicle Journal.

Ontario already has six law schools, but none up north — though it sometimes feels that Osgoode Hall Law School’s Downsview location is in the small latitudes. LU Law would focus on aboriginal issues and offer a work/study program. There are lots of interesting questions about this proposal, just . . . [more]

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