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12 Seconds of Frame

12 Seconds is an online app in “public alpha” that lets you record a video of just that length, in deliberate imitation of Twitter’s 147 character limit. The idea is, I suppose, that people will feel more comfortable recording themselves if the exposure is very very brief. You can arrange the settings such that links to your — what will be the equivalent of Twitter’s tweets? “dozens”? — vids automatically get posted to your Twitter account.

I dunno. Maybe.

At any rate, should anyone want an invitation, let me know and I’ll arrange it.

introducing 12″ on . . . [more]

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French in the English-Speaking Canadian Legal Profession

First, many thanks to Simon F. and the rest of the Slaw team for asking me to join. I’ve been an enthusiastic reader and occasional commenter on Slaw for the last couple of years, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute more regularly to our exchanges of ideas.

As a topic for discussion, I’d like to propose the following hypothetical scenario. Let’s suppose that tomorrow you are presented with a legal problem requiring a bit of digging. You go to the library, and find, much to your surprise, that every fourth book is filled with empty pages. . . . [more]

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O’Brien New U.N. Legal Counsel

Patricia O’Brien, newly appointed to the post of Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and U.N. Legal Counsel, is the first woman to hold that office. O’Brien, who is Irish, has served the Irish government in a number of capacities, including Senior Legal Adviser to the Attorney General and Legal Adviser to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Ms. O’Brien obtained a B.A. and an M.A. from Trinity College, Dublin, and she holds an LL.B. from the University of Ottawa. Sadly, though the U.N. press release announces (link above) this last fact, the Irish Times omits it, saying simply “Ms O’Brien was educated . . . [more]

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Legal Opinion Resource Centre

This is an important (though admittedly recherché) area of corporate practice, which has a great resource of background materials maintained by the ABA Business Law Section Committee on Legal Opinions.

The Canadian equivalents are (hélas) maintained behind firewalls. . . . [more]

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Social Networking Site Launched for Law Students

CasemakerX announced today the development of a social networking site which will be available to American law students, law school faculty and law librarians who register as users ((CasemakerX is a free service supported by the Casemaker Bar Consortium and its 475,000 attorney membership consisting of State Bar Associations across the USA. The purpose of CasemakerX is to provide a conduit to network law students and legal professionals, creating an information portal for self-promotion, education, mentoring and future opportunities in the legal profession. Our mission is to help law students connect and use the power of group knowledge and professional/social . . . [more]

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Blog Profiles of New York City Criminal Defendants

Fascinating real-life stuff.

New York Post photojournalist Steven Hirsch writes a blog called Courthouse Confessions.

It is all based on his encounters in front of the Manhattan Criminal Court with criminal defendants leaving the building.

He snaps their pictures and asks them a few questions.

[Source: New York Times, August 3rd, 2008]

Cross-posted to Library Boy. . . . [more]

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Alex Manevich

I’m pleased to report that Alex Manevich has joined Slaw as a core contributor. Alex is a lawyer with Ogilvy Renault LLP, in its business law group, and is interested in a wide range of legal mattters, including patent law, international arbitration, and communications regulation, as well as corporate and commercial mandates. Please join me in welcoming Alex to Slaw. . . . [more]

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Mired in Minutia

Simon Fodden noted in a post a couple of days ago that a couple of copyright commenters have stopped commenting because “the current state of copyright law is truly depressing”, or “ “corruption” of the political process”.

IMHO, one of the problems with the current state of copyright law is that legislators, lobbyists, interest groups and lawyers are for the most part all so bogged down in the details that they fail to see the big picture and fail to go back to the fundamentals to think things through.

As lawyers we are (or at least we should be) good . . . [more]

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Our Ontario ( – Digital Repository Useful for Research

A tip of the SLAW hat to Richard (Rick) Sage (of the Ontario Legislative Library) who made me aware today of “Our Ontario” ( (SLAW’s Neil Campbell mentioned a related initiative relating to Alouette Canada in his 17 April 2007 post here).

The Government Documents collection on the “Our Ontario” site at can be used to find old Ontario Legislative Assembly Journals (turn-of-the-century old, e.g., from 1867).

If you type in the following terms – ontario legislative assembly journals – using the “AND” connector radio button, the first link is to the “repository directory” being . . . [more]

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Congrès De l’Association Internationale Francophone Des Bibliothécaires Documentalistes

Si on pourrait quitter les folies francophones à Montréal ce week-end, on pourrait avoir assisté à le premier congrès de l’Association internationale francophone des bibliothécaires documentalistes ((L’organisation se réjouit de la participation active de professionnels du
domaine de la bibliothéconomie originaires de différents pays francophones d’Europe,
d’Afrique et du Québec.)). Le président du congrès Réjean Savard, professeur de bibliothéconomie à l’Université de Montréal a fourni une allocution sur les défis que l’Internet lance pour des bibliothèques et ces employés ((Voir aussi son écrit (en anglais) Canadian Libraries on the Agenda: their accomplishments and directions en IFLA Journal, Vol. . . . [more]

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Real Estate Practice Portal

Hats off to David Whelan and his colleagues at the Great Library for an intelligently designed practice portal clustering together resources for real estate lawyers in Ontario. Somewhat similar to the Pathfinders developed in many firms, it’s a great resource for solos and small firms. . . . [more]

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