1911 Canadian Census Online

This via ResearchBuzz: the Canadian Census from 1911 is now online. It may be of only tangential relevance to law, but historians and perhaps even property lawyers will find it interesting.

Tara Calishain, who is ResearchBuzz, called up some place in Yukon — you can only search by geographic location. I, being Toronto-centric, tried a more or less random page for Toronto. Here’s a small snapshot of a very small section from the middle of one of the Toronto pages. Lots and lots of Scots and English and Irish…



  1. Just that I cannot imagine how anyone could use this tool and stay sane. In comparison with the British census site of 1901 found at http://www.1901census.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ this looks quite hopeless for browsing.

    The British one is so structured that one cannot go far without spending money, you can get down to the parish level quickly.

    One wonders whether the functionality was traded off against the privacy interests that were so controversial when the former PrivCom Mr. Radwanski took on the Canadian History Association.

  2. The pages were scanned at a resolution inadequate to make them entirely legible. That seems a real waste, considering the energy that went into gaining access to them.