Osler Goes Audio

Osler Hoskin Harcourt appeared to be the first major Canadian firm to employ RSS feeds from its website.  It has been using RSS to deliver newsletter articles from its various practice groups for the last several months.

Now Osler goes audio (their tagline, not mine) with podcasting from its website.  See:  Osler Reports .

Aimed at potential business clients, and discussing the latest trends in business, the first installment released this month runs about 7 minutes and discusses cross-border mergers and acquisitions.  Trends are identified using the experiences of their own clients as examples. 

Production value of the first podcast is very high, with a professional announcer introducing the segment, identifying speakers from the firm, and summarizing/emphasizing key points made.  The announcer is a woman, which is a nice counter-balance to all the male voices.  There are about 4 or 5 speakers in all. 

An XML feed of the podcast series is also available. 

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